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Hekata and her Sister
Character details
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If you build a Road connection between the Old Tree and your Settlement and supply it with Goods, Hekata and her sisters will weave a Spell that will protect your Settlement against the Plague.

Hekata is an Occidental Neutral power that provides protection from Sickness and Plague in exchange for a constant supply of Herbs. She resides in the Old tree. Hekata consumes Herbs at a rate of 0.5 tons per minute, which is a quarter of the production from a Monastery garden.


Hekata is encountered during the Campaign in Chapter 7, where she can be found in the Witch's Marsh. Together with her sister, she is responsible for brewing the Essence of Life.


  • Hekata's ability does nothing if the Noblemen level has not been reached, or if Sickness and Plague are disabled.

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