Guy Forcas
Guy Forcas
Difficulty Medium
Icon Guy icon

With his cunning like a fox and as slimy as a toad, Guy Forcas is a wicked Saboteur always in thirst for knowledge. He has enough black mail on everyone to take them down. However, his cover is very submissive, and he is "willing" to do anything for anyone. Watch your back or he will take you down from the inside out. He will focus on gaining dominance through the military (or in the addon, through sabotage). (+150 difficulty).[1] He is probably a reference to Guy Fawkes, who attempted to blow up the houses of Parliament in London.

Traits: Balanced, Black Arts

Building Speed: Medium

Civilization Level limited to player (does not include Nomads and Envoys): No

Trade Emphasis: Low

Military Difficulty: Medium

Espionage: Yes, often

Espionage Purpose: All kinds of Sabotage

Demands Tribute: Yes

Tribute Range: Moderate

Diplomacy Difficulty: Medium

Favorite Enemy: Marie d'Artois

Favorite Ally: Cardinal Lucius

Favorite Goods: Meat, Iron Ore, Coal

Forcas' in-game color is Black


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