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Grand Vizier Al Zahir
Character details
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"The barrier between Occident and Orient is moving every closer together. The Sultan has therefore sent me here to see how the situation is progressing."

Grand vizier Al Zahir is the ambassador of the Orient. He plays a major role in the Campaign, where he teaches the player how to settle the Orient. He is present in every Continuous game, alongside Lord Richard Northburgh, where he acts as a trade partner and access point to the Orient. Al Zahir will allow the player to build Oriental buildings once they reach the required Diplomatic rank.


To increase your Diplomatic rank with Al Zahir, the player must build up Prestige. Prestige is acquired by delivering scrolls to Al Zahir's port. Scrolls can be purchased from Lord Northburgh in exchange for Honour. Each Diplomatic rank unlocks additional Oriental buildings, assuming the other prerequisites are met.

Diplomatic rank Anno 1404 Venice
Diplomatic rank 0 No rank 0 prestige 0 prestige
Diplomatic rank 1 Visitor from the Orient 50 prestige 50 prestige
Diplomatic rank 2 Guest of the Bedouins 100 prestige 100 prestige
Diplomatic rank 3 The Sheik's Ally 250 prestige 200 prestige
Diplomatic rank 4 The Caliph's Favourite 500 prestige 400 prestige
Diplomatic rank 5 The Grand vizier's advisor 1000 prestige 800 prestige
Diplomatic rank 6 The Sultan's confidante 2000 prestige 1500 prestige

Note that the Prestige level is reset upon reaching the next Diplomatic rank, meaning the total Prestige requirements are cumulative with all prior rank requirements.

Reaching the first Diplomatic rank, Visitor from the Orient, grants the player access to the Oriental warehouse, which can be built from any Oriental ship. Al Zahir also presents the player with a Caravel containing Wood, Tools, and Dates. Note that it is not required to use the Caravel or the Oriental warehouse to settle southern islands.


Attainment table

Most of his attainments require nomads and envoys, but the first two attainments (Extended Trade Treaty and Treasures of the Orient) do not take effect until the Noblemen stage is reached. This means even if you can complete the attainment list from Al Zahir in the Patrician stage, you cannot buy goods or items from the section because the register won't appear.

Passive Trade[]

Al Zahir is always willing to trade with you, but won't passively buy any oriental items (they still can be sold actively at his harbour). His buying power was the highest of all the neutral powers, easily exceeding the value of 30,000 coins when trading (though this was surpassed by Giacomo Garibaldi in the addon).