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Glass smelter
Building details
Cost Gold coins 1200 · Wood 10 · Tools 5 · Stone 12
Maintenance Maintenance cost 30 (Inactive: Maintenance cost 15)
Prerequisites Patricians 510 Patricians
Produces Glass Glass
Production 1 ton / minute
Size 3x3
Icon Glass
Requires Potash and Quartz.
Produces Glass.

The Glass smelter is an Occidental Production building that produces Glass from Potash and Quartz. Glass is the fourth and final main building material of the Occident. It is used for many Noblemen buildings, as well as a number of Patrician tier buildings.


Cost: Gold coins 3900 • Wood 36 • Tools 20 • Stone 32
Maintenance: Maintenance cost 110
= Glass
2x Glass smelter
+ Potash
Forest glassworks
+ Quartz
Quartz quarry @75%

The production chain for producing Glass consists of two Glass smelters being provided by one Forest glassworks and 75% of a Quartz production chain. Glass is not used as a resource by any other Production buildings. Glass is an important building material during the later stages of the game, however.