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Fortified tower
Fortified tower
Building details
Cost Gold coins 1100 · Tools 8 · Stone 10 · Glass 8 · War machines 5 · Military budget icon 3
Maintenance Maintenance cost 30
Prerequisites Nobleman Noblemen
Attack Power Sword icon 3
Attack Range 20
Size 2 x 2
Icon Fortified tower icon
Fights enemies in its range.

The Fortified tower is an Occidental Defense building in the same style as the Fortified Gatehouse. It connects to City walls, placing archers along the wall upon being placed. It is significantly weaker than the Harbour defence tower, with only 3 Attack power instead of the Harbour defence tower's 8 Attack power, but has significantly more health. The Attack power does not increase with the number of archers it places on the wall. These are purely aesthetical.

The Fortified tower can be considered a direct upgrade to the Watchtower, with higher Hit points, Attack power, and Attack range, but at the cost of higher Construction and Maintenance cost.