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Fortified gatehouse
Fortified gate
Building details
Cost Gold coins 1200 · Tools 16 · Stone 20 · Glass 16 · War machines 10 · Military budget icon 4
Maintenance Maintenance cost 30
Prerequisites Nobleman Noblemen
Attack Power Sword icon 4
Attack Range 11
Size 5 x 2
Icon Fortified gatehouse

Creates a passage through Walls.

The Fortified gatehouse is an Occidental Defense building that creates passages through City walls. It has the same design as the Fortified tower. Similarly to other Defense buildings, the Fortified gatehouse places archers on city walls it is connected to upon being placed. These archers do not increase the attack power.

The Fortified gatehouse has quite a bit more health than the Fortified tower, and costs the same amount of Military budget per Attack power. This makes the Fortified gatehouse generally better than the Fortified tower because of the functionality it provides. It is also has cheaper maintenance per Attack power. The Fortified gatehouse can be considered a direct upgrade to the Gatehouse.