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Forest glassworks
Building details
Cost Gold coins 500 · Wood 6 · Tools 4 · Stone 8
Maintenance Maintenance cost 30 (Inactive: Maintenance cost 15)
Prerequisites Patricians 510 Patricians
Produces Potash Potash
Production 2 tons / minute
Size 4 x 4
Icon Potash
Requires Trees.
Produces Potash.

The Forest glassworks is an Occidental Production building that processes trees into Potash, which is used by the Glass smelter to produce Glass. The Forest glassworks requires 132 Trees within its Influence area to run at 100% productivity.

Just like with other Production buildings that require Trees, if the Influence area of the Forest glassworks crosses the circle of a Lumberjack's hut, Charcoal burner's hut or other Forest glassworks, productivity loss may occur. The second building that was built receives no productivity benefits from the overlapping squares while the first building maintains full productivity benefits from those squares.


Cost: Gold coins 500 • Wood 6 • Tools 4 • Stone 8
Maintenance: Maintenance cost 30
= Potash
Forest glassworks
+ Tree icon
132x Tree

The production chain for producing Potash consists of a single Forest glassworks with at least 132 Trees within its Influence area.

Potash is only used by the Glass smelter to produce Glass.

Cost: Gold coins 3900 • Wood 36 • Tools 20 • Stone 32
Maintenance: Maintenance cost 110
= Glass
2x Glass smelter
+ Potash
Forest glassworks
+ Quartz
Quartz quarry @75%