Fisherman's hut
Fisherman's hut.png
Building details
Cost Gold coins 100 Wood 3 Tools 2
Maintenance 15 Maintenance cost (Inactive: 5 Maintenance cost)
Size 3 x 4
Produces Fish Fish
Production Speed 2 tons / minute.[1]
Icon Fish

Fisherman's Hut

Fish is the first occidental food resource available to the player.

This is a basic food needed by occidental people, including beggars. It requires a 3 wide and up to 2 long area, the rest of the building goes out into the water. It must be built on a coast and requires a road connection.

One fisherman's hut can feed either 286 beggars, 200 peasants, 500 citizens, 909 patricians or 1.250 noblemen, which gives a consumption rate of respectively 4,37 : 6,25 : 2,5 : 1,38 : 1.

Unlike Anno 1701, the fisherman's hut does not require any special resources, it can be built and run on any occidental or oriental island, never running out of fish.


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