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Anno 1404 has many quests requiring the player to find a particular person/particular people in their city and deliver them to the quest giver, both in campaign mode and in scenarios/continuous games. They are all "Where's Wally/Waldo?"-style: the player needs to locate a particular person in a crowd. Some of these quests are very easy; others are a genuine needle in a haystack.

The wanted people are always located in residential areas (i.e. among houses).

In scenarios/continuous play, the player can usually choose whether to accept the quest.


Below are pictures of the wanted people.[1]

Search tips[]

If you are having trouble finding the wanted person(s), try the following:

  • Mouse over the quest requiring the person(s). Both the ping of a marketplace on the minimap and description of the quest will confirm on which island the person will be found. Although the ping is showed at the marketplace nearest to this person, this however does not guarantee this person is at that marketplace.
  • Zoom in (mouse scroll). Especially on lower resolution displays it can be hard to make out wanted people from a distance. This becomes less useful with large settlements due to the reduction in area covered.
  • Align your viewing area (X, Y) so you have clear views down whole streets. This is very important in Occidental cities with highly developed housing as they are prone to obscuring streets in the normal view orientation and you are most likely to find the person on a street somewhere.
  • Slow the game down, (F11). This increases the amount of time you have to find the missing person.
  • You can enter the post-card view (F1), then look straight down. You can see between all the houses in one instant now. Move around your city using the arrow keys, and you will find your wanted person much easier.
  • Select all marketplaces on the pinged island, making all the buildings nearby green. This may help highlight the slightly glowing target character.
  • Be aware that Occidental housing forms a back allyway at higher levels when in large blocks. Missing people can be located here. Additionally missing people can walk underneath archways which lead to these allyways which can obscure them from view.
  • Nothing stops you from pausing while you search. You may not be able to move the camera but you still can carefully examine what is on screen. Best with a high resolution monitor as you can zoom out far so have a good overview of a large area of the city. Once you see what appears to be the wanted person, unpause and click to reap your reward. If you can not, unpause briefly and pan to another area of your city and repeat.
  • The ultimate failsafe way is to save your game and then demolish ALL your houses. This removes all clutter generated by buildings and regular inhabitants so the wanted people are easy to spot. Memorize their locations and load your game. As the positions of the wanted people save, they will be in your undemolished city, very close to where they were in the demolished version, ready for you to pick them up. Be warned that you will have to reload your game to do this which can take a considerable amount of time (especially large and long games) so only use it as a last resort.
  • One other workaround for finding multiple people for a single quest: Say you have a quest to find 4 nuns in your city. You find 3, but can't find the last one. Load the 3 that you found into a ship, then throw them overboard (by right clicking them in cargo). They will turn into 'flotsam'. Once you've done this, 4 NEW nuns will appear in the city. pick one up, then recover the flotsam, and complete the quest.


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