There is a variety of external tools (i.e., not included in the game) that are designed for Anno 1404.

Official toolsetEdit

Together with patch 1.1, Related Designs released a Toolset that includes two editors for the game (ToolOne and World Editor). Both are officially in German only, but the applications themselves are mostly in English and should be usable for non-German speakers. The most recent version of the toolset is 1.2.

Both editors can be downloaded in the single Toolset archive, which can be downloaded at or

ToolOne 1Edit

Screenshot of ToolOne

Screenshot of ToolOne

ToolOne is a scenario editor. It allows players to create their own scenarios, and can edit start/victory conditions, create quests, use custom assets (items/goods/units), and adjust game balance.

You can also use it to inspect much of the game's internal workings by viewing default values for game balancing and event triggers.

World EditorEdit

The world editor can create custom maps and edit existing maps.

Some useful tutorials how to work with WorldEditor and Toolone can not be found here : Annofans Forum - Editors & Map tools

Mobile applications Edit

Anno 1404 Companion v2

Anno 1404 Companion v2.0

There is a free Android App where you can view production chains and their cost. Because it's on your phone, you do not have to alt+tab out of the game.


Production calculatorEdit

Screenshot of production calculator

Screenshot of production calculator

Allows you to fill in how many inhabitants you have and calculates which and how many production buildings you will need to satisfy their demands. Also supplies some other related information.

Found at

Anno 1404 Assistant (Dawn of Discovery Assistant)Edit


Anno 1404 Assistant (or Dawn of Discovery Assistant) is a program that shows you production chains and the amount of each civilization type supported by a single production chain. It is an offline calculator application (does not require an internet connection), so you can have it running alongside Anno and Alt-Tab back and forth or use the "Windows" key to switch to the desktop while playing.

Note: This calculator shows you only the Production chains and the Population needs for only 1 civilization type at a time and the maximum inhabitants supported by one Production chain.

Found at Anno 1404 Assistant - Annofans Forum

Fan-made toolsEdit

Anno Designer Edit


This application provides tools to build layouts and export them as images. It was originally build for Anno 2070, but it can be used for all versions. Just the building-presets are currently only for Anno 2070.

Project page:

Author: ZackSchneider (talk)

This project is now being actively updated by other developers within the community. It now supports all Anno versions from a single executable, and has new features being added.

Please see here to download an up-to-date version of Anno Designer:


Anno 1404 RDA Explorer Version Current as of Aug. 09 2017

Anno 1404 RDA ExplorerEdit

Allows you to browse the contents of Anno 1404's .RDA (main data packages[nb 1]). The Venice addon main data packages are located at the addon folder in the install directory.

The Github link to download the file

RDA file organizationEdit

There are six main "DataX" .rda files.

  • Screenshot of 1404 explorer

    1404Explorer Version 0.3 (Old Version of RDA Explorer)

    Data0.rda: contains all the AI .csl programming script files that control AI behavior.
  • Data1.rda: entirely contains config files for game parameters like AI, engine, features, quests, all game texts, ect.
  • Data2.rda: contains the game's graphics files.
  • Data3.rda: contains the game's levels (maps).
  • Data4.rda: contains the game's movies, music (in .mp3), and sound effects.
  • Data5.rda: only contains the game's shader pfx/fx/fxs files.
  • eng0.rda or usa0.rda: Europe or United States localization files including voiceover speech. Non-English versions will use a different .rda file named after their languange. You can delete all the language specific .rda files you don't use.

In the maindata folder you'll also have three patch files if running version 1.3 of Anno 1404:

  • patch0.rda: updated versions of files from all the main DataX.rda's that overwrite the contents of the main DataX.rda's.
  • patch1.rda: more updated versions of files from all the main DataX.rda's that overwrite the contents of the main DataX.rda's.
  • patch2.rda: more updated versions of files from all the main DataX.rda's that overwrite the contents of the main DataX.rda's.

In the addon folder you'll also have the following patch file if running version 2.1 of Venice:

  • patch0.rda: updated versions of files from the Data1.rda that overwrite the contents of the main Data1.rda.

Extracting graphicsEdit

Most of Anno 1404's graphics data is located in Data2.rda. Use the 1404 RDA explorer to extract files from Data2.rda.

The textures are stored in .DDS-format (DirectDraw Surface) and compressed with DXT5 (DirectX Texture compression). You can view and edit these images with the GIMP[1] after installing the GIMP DDS plugin[2]

Note: Ubisoft has also released a Fansite-Kit, containing many of the same images as listed below.

See alsoEdit


  1. and .SWW (savegames) files. The game's main data packages are located at the maindata folder in the install folder
  2. Found under data/graphics/ui/icons/gui/


  1. GIMP - The GNU Image Manipulation Program
  2. GIMP DDS plugin. To download and install the GIMP DDS plugin:
    1. Go to
    2. Download the win32 binaries (zip) folder (NOT the source (tar.bz2) file)
    3. Unzip the win32 binaries (zip) folder
    4. The win32 binaries (zip) folder has two files, dds.exe and readme.txt (with brief instructions)
    5. Move the dds.exe to to your GIMP plugins directory. This directory is usually located at: C:\Program Files\GIMP-2.0\lib\gimp\2.0\plug-ins
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