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The Spy advisor

Espionage is a new gameplay addition to Anno 1404: Venice. It has two major components: Sabotaging enemy island with your spies, and defending your own city from enemy spies. A Base of Operations is required to send spies to other islands. Houses that contain spies are considered Infiltrated Houses.

Bases of Operations have no purpose when not playing against AIs or other players.

Defending your City[]


If an AI is attempting to infiltrate your base you will receive a notification. If you quickly click on the slinking spy in your town before he infiltrates a home he will be immediately destroyed. You have around 30 seconds before the spy infiltrates one of your houses and you will not be able to click on him any more. Note he does not have the blue outline like Find the wanted person(s) quests, but he does have a characteristic look (see image) and almost always spawns by the first Marketplace in your island. You do not need a Base of Operations at all to see spies that are moving about your town.

To help stop espionage in your settlements, build Base of Operations buildings to cover the entire settlement. This increases the chance your Base of Operation will spot enemy spies.

  • Manual House Searches can be performed by selecting any house of citizen level or higher and selecting "Detect enemy Henchmen." The cooldown on this operation can be reduced with the Counter-Espionage attainment.

Infiltration & Sabotage[]

A Base of Operation is required before you can send any spies into an opposing players island. Performing any attacks requires two steps: Infiltration and Sabotage


You can infiltrate as many houses on the map as you like, and a single Base of Operation can support any number of spies. Spies have a maintenance cost of 60. Building multiple Bases of Operation is only used to defending your own settlement.


An infiltrated enemy house - Arson can be committed in the settlement.

To send a spy, click on any opposing player's house of Class Citizen/Nomad of higher and select Infiltrate. It costs 800 gold to infiltrate any class of house, with a 5 minute cooldown to infiltrate any other houses. In 60 seconds you will then be able to carry out the Sabotage activity (note the timer says 5 minutes but this is for infiltrating another house, not to commit Sabotage).


Once you've infiltrated a house, a single icon will be available with the type of Sabotage specific for the House infiltrated (see image). Click on this icon and then click on the target you wish to Sabotage. Different acts of Sabotage have different targets.

Once an act of Sabotage has been committed on an island, another one cannot be done on that same island for another 20 minutes.

House Class Sabotage Type Cost Target Description
Citizen Arson 2500 Any house Sets fire to a house, will spread to others
Patrician Rebellion 4000 Marketplace Causes a Revolt, people will leave their homes
Noblemen Poison Well 6000 Spreads plague among population.
Nomad Belly Dancer 2000 Marketplace Gives you gold ~ 1800 pieces.
Envoy False Prophet 5000 Marketplace Envoys stop paying taxes temporarily.

Any act of Sabotage will generate negative Reputation with the AI, even if the spies safehouse is not detected the AI will still 'know' it was you causing 3-6 points of Reputation loss.


Informants are items purchased from Garibaldi. They are socketed on your ship, and are a single use item that will detect enemy Base of Operations on an island. This will let you strategically place your own spies.