Engine.ini is a text file where the Anno game preferences are found. These preferences can easily be changed and modified.

How to access the Engine.ini fileEdit

Start run

Click start, then click run

Open and run

Type %appdata%\Ubisoft\Anno1404\Config\Engine.ini in the box, click run

Example of how to modify the Engine.ini file Edit

For example, the default/original settings for:


Change to:


Then save the Engine.ini file, and start the game.


Note: Generally 0 means No, 1 means Yes.

Setting Description Default/
New Setting

Window modeEdit

<ResizableWindow> Allow the window to be resizeable. This is useful you want to span the game across multiple monitors. 0 1
<NoWindowFrame> Omit the window frame? Very nice for running with a window the size of your screen resolution, so you can play truly fullscreen with the advantages of a windowed mode (game will play in the background, which is useful for doing other things while waiting for saves to load or just for keeping the game going indefintely while browsing the web, ect.). 0 1

Save gamesEdit

<SaveGameCompressLevel> This determines the level of save game compression to reduce file size. 0 means no compression and 5 is the default highest level of compression. Setting compression to 0 does improve loading speed for all new saves created after changing the setting.[1] However, setting to 0 will greatly increase file size, such as from 10 megabytes to 50 megabytes. Recommended to set this at 0 but often delete excess saves to avoid large disk usage. 5 0, 1, 2, 3, 4
<AutoSaveCount> How many autosaves do you want to keep? Has no effect on quicksaves.  3
<UseBinarySavegames> Do you want to save your savegames in the human-readable XML format? Needs a new game to work.[2] 1 0


<LanguageTAG> Change language, needs Steam (or the appropriate language files). [3] eng
<EnableGUIWarning> Shows some of the debug messageboxes. This allows a player to get a feeling for how the game engine works, but it's annoying. A lot of pop ups. 0 1


Note: The free camera is switched on and off by pressing the "End" key. Suggestion: Press i to hide interface/all menus.
<EnableFourthCamPosition> Allows the player to have an extra-close camera position like F1 without the field of view. Used with your mouse wheel. 0 1
<LockCamera> Allows a player to tilt the free camera with the mouse scroll button.[4] Only works in postcard view (F1)[5] 1 0
<CheckCameraDistance> Allows the free camera to be able to zoom in and out without limitation.[6] 1 0
<EnableLargeFOV> Allows a player to zoom out further. This wide-angle provides a better overview, especially while using the free camera. Use the F1 camera's depth of field blurring in the normal game? This can possibly create a more immersive experience particularly when running in 3D-mode and using a 3D monitor with 3D glasses. 0 1


<DirectXVersion> Defines which version of DirectX is to be used for rendering the game. Those who don't want any depth of field blurring or who have graphical issues with DX10 may want to enter 9 here. [7] 0 1
<EnableTextureMemoryManagement> <EnableModelMemoryManagement><PreloadAll> 1 Prevents dynamic loading of textures by loading everything when a game is first started or loaded from a savegame. Memory usage and loading times will increase.[8] 1







<EnableAI> This disables artificial intelligence. For example, ships of computer players will be inactive if set to 0, both friendly and enemy ships.[9] 1 0
<PreferLocalFiles> Do you want to be able to override the files from the .rda archives with versions manually installed? This is needed for mods and tricks like switching the intro videos. It will automatically deactivate achievements.[10][11] 1 1
<EnableThreadLoading> May increase loading speed after the initial load of map (reloading). 0 1

Recommended Engine.ini changesEdit

For faster save loadingEdit


Warning: Although setting the compression level to 0 will speed up saving and loading, it will more than quadruple save file size. A default setting of 5 might result in a 10mb file whereas a setting of 0 would be roughly 40-50mb.

For window modeEdit


For more camera optionsEdit


For a wider zoomed-out FOVEdit

This setting allows you to see considerably more when zoomed out, however it does reduce performance since more things can be seen.


Default Engine.ini fileEdit

[Portal.BuilderPatch] ChunkDownloads=3


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