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Maintaining good relations with the people around you is an important task when trying to expand your empire, whether it be to gain valuable Trade partners or powerful Allies before you declare War on your enemies. Diplomacy is used to interact with the Mentors and Computer players that are inhabiting the region alongside the player in Scenarios and Continuous games. The most important resource in Diplomacy is Reputation. This determines how much the other Computer players respect you, and the Diplomatic Status you hold with them. The player has a constant Reputation with their Mentors, which cannot be increased or reduced. Instead, Mentors use Honour as a roughly equivalent resource.

While Hassan ben Sahid is shown on the Diplomacy screen in games where Corsairs are active, the Diplomacy features do not necessarily apply to him. For information about increasing Diplomatic Status with the Corsairs, see Hassan ben Sahid's Character page.

Diplomacy 3Diplomatic Statuses[]

The relationship between Characters is described using one of four Diplomatic Statuses. The player can decrease their Diplomatic Status with Computer players by cancelling a Treaty. To increase the Diplomatic Status, the player must increase their Reputation with that Computer player until they agree to a higher Treaty. The required amount of Reputation can differ between Characters, with more difficult opponents generally requiring higher Reputation before agreeing to a Treaty.

  • Declaration of War: Enables you to engage in Military activities against this player.
  • Peace Treaty: Maintains a neutral position. Ceases all Goods trading with this player.
  • Trade Treaty: Enables you to trade Goods with this player. Default for all Mentors.
  • Alliance Treaty: Enables you to call on this player for aid. Required to receive quests.

You can check the Treaties a Computer player has with all other parties by selecting their portrait within the Diplomacy menu. The outline colour of the portraits of the other parties indicates their Diplomatic Status with that player. This is most useful for identifying who has signed a Corsair Treaty. By selecting Hassan ben Sahid's portrait, it will show for all Computer players their Diplomatic status with the Corsairs.

Reputation Reputation[]

Building up Reputation is paramount to increasing your Diplomatic Status with other players. You will lose Reputation for falling behind and gain Reputation for getting ahead of your opponents, except against Hard opponents, who will dislike it if you outpace them. Each opponent also has their own likes and dislikes towards other parties, and will react accordingly when completing Quests for them. Another way of increasing Reputation is through Trade, though this obviously requires a Trady treaty. Computer players will increase their Reputation with the player at different milestones of Active trade, which mirrors how Mentors reward the player with Honour.

The player can also increase and decrease their Reputation with Computer players through the use of Ingratiate and Intimidate respectively. The maximum chance of success for either option can differ between opponents. The success chance and Reputation change can be increased using the Occidental Attainment "The Regent's Seal". The following table shows the base percentages for each Opponent.

Ingratiate Intimidate Reputation requirement
Peace Trade Alliance
Leif Jorgensen 86% 90% Reputation 10 Reputation 40 Reputation 70
Hildegard von Lewenstein 75% 85% Reputation 10 Reputation 40 Reputation 70
Willem van der Mark 80% 70% Reputation 10 Reputation 40 Reputation 80
Marie d'Artois 70% 70% Reputation 15 Reputation 45 Reputation 85
Sir Gavin Langton 80% 75% Reputation 15 Reputation 45 Reputation 80
Helena Flores 75% 70% Reputation 15 Reputation 45 Reputation 80
Guy Forcas 75% 75% Reputation 15 Reputation 50 Reputation
Baronessa Constanza Zanchi 65% 60% Reputation 25 Reputation 55 Reputation
Giovanni di Mercante 65% 60% Reputation 20 Reputation 45 Reputation
Cardinal Lucius 55% XX% Reputation Reputation Reputation

Diplomatic Actions[]

The Diplomacy menu is where you interact with the other characters, such as your mentors Lord Richard Northburgh, Grand Vizier Al Zahir, and Giacomo Garibaldi (if playing Venice), among other characters diplomatically. To access the diplomacy menu, click the button on the lower right with the two pawns or press the F7 key.

The buttons under the characters name are the Tribute, Ingratiate/Intimidate, Request Fleet, Request quest (when playing Venice), and Honour/Gold Exchange buttons depending on the particular character. When selecting the player's portrait, the unlocked content, medals, and achievements can be seen.


Tributes can be given to, or requested from, AI players. Each has its own probability of success with requests and offers of 750, 1,500, and 3,000 gold (these numbers increase as the game progresses). You lose Reputation if your attempt fails. The probability and effect can be improved with Diplomatic Tact, a level three Grand Vizier Attainment.

Request Auxiliary Fleets[]

Lord Northburgh and the Grand Vizier have auxiliary fleets that you can request in exchange for some Honour and having a probability of success. These fleets are sent to your island and the ships become yours for the duration of the game.

Request Quest (Venice only)[]

You can request quests.

Convert honour and gold[]

It is possible to exchange gold for Honour with Lord Northburgh and the Grand Vizier. There are 3 amounts: 3,125 gold for 75 Honour, 6,250 gold for 150 Honour, and 12,500 gold for 300 Honour. For more information, see "Buying" Honor.

You can also request a "loan" which does the opposite: trades Honour for gold. There are 3 exchange rates: 2,500 gold for 75 Honour, 5,000 gold for 150 Honour, and 10,000 gold for 300 Honour.

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