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Diplomacy is used in Anno 1404 to ask for help, demand gold, befriend, or anger other characters. There are three types of characters you can engage in diplomatic relations:

  • Mentors: They're always at peace with you and serve as trading partners, quest givers, and general helpers.
  • Computer players: They're trying to settle and expand to more islands just as you are. They are all your opponents technically, although some are very friendly as pose no real threat but some are very vicious and will attempt to kill you whenever possible.
  • Hassan ben Sahid: The wild card character who at first is against everyone and attacks everyone on sight, but he can eventually be befriended and made a permanent ally.

Diplomacy ScreenEdit


The Diplomacy menu is where you interact with the other characters, such as your mentors Lord Richard Northburgh, Grand Vizier Al Zahir, and Giacomo Garibaldi (if playing Venice), among other characters diplomatically. To access the diplomacy menu, click the button on the lower right with the two pawns or press the F7 key.

Reputation Edit

Your diplomatic status with AI players depends on Reputation points. How you gain or lose Reputation points depends on the computer player in question. You generally get Reputation points by completing quests, but certain players like Cardinal Lucius get mad when you help people like Al Zahir. You also get Reputation occasionally when the AI players notice that you are doing well by growing your city quickly, although reaching the Noblemen stage can greatly anger the hard computer players because they feel threatened by you. You lose points when players notice you aren't doing as well as they are, but some of the easy and medium AI don't care so much about your progress or lack thereof.

Tip: You only have a Reputation meter with other computer players and Hassan ben Sahid. Since you're always allied with the mentors, you don't have any reputation meter for them.

Relationship Wheel Edit

The relationship between any two parties can be viewed by clicking one of their pictures. That character will then be in the center of the wheel and the relationships will be visible for each character. For instance, if you want to know how Guy Forcas stands will all other players, you can click on his portrait and then there will be either red, yellow, or white lines connecting him to all other players. Red means they don't like each other and war has started or will start shortly, white/gray means they are fairly ambivalent toward each other and can form a peace treaty, yellow means they moderately friends and can form a trade treaty, and green means they are strong friends and can form an alliance.

Diplomatic Buttons Edit

The buttons on the left of the name of the character cancel any current treaty you might have with a player (such as Peace treaty, Trade treaty, or Alliance) and reduces Reputation. You can also declare war at any time, which will lower your reputation to zero and immediately cancel all treaties.

The buttons on the right of the name try to take the relationship to the next higher diplomatic level with the character (War to Peace, Peace to Trade treaty, Trade treaty to Alliance).

The buttons under the characters name are the Tribute, Ingratiate/Intimidate, Request Fleet, Request quest (when playing Venice), and Honour/Gold Exchange buttons depending on the particular character. If the current character is oneself, the unlocked content, medals, and achievements can be seen.

Diplomatic Statuses Edit

War Edit

The War state is when you are in the red area of the reputation scale. The reputation needed to secure Peace with the AI, depends on their nature. Amateurs like Leif or Hildegard only require 10 points in reputation to secure peace, but Willem, another easy AI, (in v.1.1) requires 30 points in reputation (with the addon, this has been changed to 20 points). Warmongering Computer players require a higher status than merchants or other types of computer players.

Peace Treaty Edit

The Peace Treaty state is the grey area of the Reputation scale. Declaring war with the Declare War button will cause your Reputation to drop to 0. With high enough Reputation, the player can attempt to get a Trade Treaty.

Trade Treaty Edit

The Trade Treaty status is the yellow area of the Reputation scale. With a Trade Treaty, the AI will call on your cities with its fleet and will allow your ships to visit its ports to buy the items it has for sale. If a Trade Treaty is canceled, the Reputation will drop to the Peace Treaty status. With high enough Reputation, an Alliance Treaty can be concluded.

Alliance Treaty Edit

An Alliance Treaty status is the green area of the Reputation scale. With an Alliance Treaty, you will get the special quests required for the Achievements (such as Willem van de Mark's 'A Miracle in the Sand'). Some NPC's are harder to keep an alliance with (especially Sir Gavon Langton). With an alliance treaty one will get aid from the allied npc in a war against another one.

Tributes Edit

Tributes can be given to, or requested from, AI players. Each has its own probability of success with requests and offers of 750, 1,500, and 3,000 gold (these numbers increase as the game progresses). You lose Reputation if your attempt fails.

Ingratiate and Intimidate Edit

When working with the AI characters, you can ingratiate or intimidate them to gain or lower Reputation. The icons are the smiley face for ingratiate and the frown face for intimidate. Mousing over tells the probability of success for each action. Each AI character has their own amount these work. The probability and effect can be improved with Diplomatic Tact, a level three Grand Vizier Attainment. If an attempt to ingratiate fails, Reputation is lost. Failures in intimidation don't affect Reputation.

Request Auxiliary Fleets Edit

Lord Northburgh and the Grand Vizier have auxiliary fleets that you can request in exchange for some Honour and having a probability of success. These fleets are sent to your island and the ships become yours for the duration of the game.

Convert honour and gold Edit

It is possible to exchange gold for Honour with Lord Northburgh and the Grand Vizier. There are 3 amounts: 3,125 gold for 75 Honour, 6,250 gold for 150 Honour, and 12,500 gold for 300 Honour. For more information, see "Buying" Honor.

You can also request a "loan" which does the opposite: trades Honour for gold. There are 3 exchange rates: 2,500 gold for 75 Honour, 5,000 gold for 150 Honour, and 10,000 gold for 300 Honour.

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