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Arrow "Build Guy Forcas a Harbour and prepare the Crusader fleet for departure."

Departure for the Promised Land is the third Chapter of the Campaign. It is the final Chapter to take place in the starting region, and introduces no new Characters. This Chapter introduces the mechanics related to Natural resources, and Trading routes.

Anno 1404-campaign difficulty chapter3


"Cardinal Lucius. The mere mention of his name made men shiver and fall silent. Although it was never mentioned openly, rumour had it he pursued his interests with merciless rigour. Is this why the Emperor gave him command of the Crusade? Or had Lucius acquired his powers by more sinister means? While the whole world was wondering what the Cardinal was planning, he was already thinking of building a Harbour from which the massive Army would soon set sail for the Orient to seize the Promised Land."

Kardinal Lucius is satisfied with your previous services and asks you to build a Harbour for the Crusader fleet. Ambitious Guy Forcas however, persuades Cardinal Lucius that it is better to assign him the responsibility for the Harbour construction. Kardinal Lucius grants Guy Forcas his request and puts him in charge of building the Harbour and departs. Guy Forcas smugly tells you that he will use you to help build the Crusader harbour.

A Harbour for the Crusaders Trophy[]

Objective: Build a Harbour for the Crusader army in Port Sacral in the Southwest.
Anno 1404-campaign chapter3 hilarius buying from

Buying from Hilarius.

The fact that Guy Forcas begrudges you the Cardinal's praise, and has therefore pushed himself to the forefront, does not change Lucius's strict orders.
You'd better hurry, or you will incur the Cardinal's wrath...

Guy Forcas wants us to supply his new Crusader harbour with Buildings and Building materials. We'll start by ordering Wood 10t Wood and Tools 10t Tools from Brother Hilarius in Hookburgh, so we can start building as soon as possible. We then move on to the next quests.

Building begins Stars[]

Objective: Build a Warehouse to develop Port Sacral in the Southwest.

Sail your Ship to Port Sacral to take possession of the Island. Don't forget the Goods you will need to build the Warehouse.
Guy Forcas will hold you personally responsible for any delays. So make sure you think of everything!

The required building materials are Wood 3t Wood and Tools 2t Tools. We can load the exact amount we need onto our Ship by setting the transfer amount to 1t. We can then sail to the coast of Port Sacral to build the Warehouse. Around this time, Marie d'Artois will remark on the completion of her first Ship. Let's go have a look at it.

WarningSign Doublets and Tunics Stars 2[]

Objective: Deliver to Marie d'Artois in Inglebeck: Linen garments 10t Linen garments
Anno 1404-campaign chapter3 marie linens delivery

Delivering the Goods to Marie d'Artois.

Terrible news! Marie d'Artois has ran out of pyjamas for her Knights!
The massive response to this Crusade surprised even the shrewd Military commander. Her Knights are nearly ready to depart, but they cannot set out for the Orient with inadequate Clothing...

The quest is started when we select Marie d'Artois's Warehouse. We will send our Flagship to Falconstone to pick up the required pyjamas and deliver them to our neighbour up North. After completing the quest, we will send our Flagship to Hookburgh in anticipation of the first batch of Stone.

Reward: Gold coins 1542 Gold coins • Tools 5t Tools

The Harbour master's office Stars 2[]

Objective: Build a Harbour master's office in Port Sacral.

The Harbour master's office increases the area in which you can build other Harbour buildings. It also allows additional Ships to dock there.
However, you will also need Stone to build it.
Guy Forcas must have great respect for the stern Cardinal if he is planning such a lavish Harbour.

Lord Northburgh offers the following Auxiliary quests to help you set up a steady supply of Stone.

A stony matter Stars[]

Objective: Build a Stonemason's hut in Hookburgh.

Stone is required for building a Harbour. However, as Stone deposits are only found in Hookburgh, you must set up your Stone production there.
Make sure that the Stonemason's hut has a Stone deposit in its Influence area.
As a skilled Master builder, Lord Northburgh has immediately realised that you must source the Production of this Building material on a neighbouring Island.


Example placement of Stonemason's hut.

The Stonemason's hut is the first Production building that requires a Natural resource as Raw material for its production. We can cycle through all the Natural resources on an Island by first left-clicking the Island's Fertility overview at the top of the screen, and then left-clicking on one of the Natural resource icons. In this case, we want to find a Resource stonequarry Stone deposit. We can see that Hookburgh actually has two Stone deposits available. We're going to need a lot of Stone during this Chapter, so we'll build two Stonemason's huts instead of just the one.

The Construction cost for two Stonemason's huts is Wood 4t Wood and Tools 4t Tools. If you ordered the Goods from Brother Hilarius at the start of the Chapter, they should become available just in time for the start of this quest. Once the Building materials have arrived, simply place the Stonemason's huts such that its Influence area overlaps with the Stone deposits. We can also use Tools 2t Tool to build a Lumberjack's hut.

The Transport ship Stars[]

Objective: Build a Small trading ship.

As you have now sourced the Production of a Goods item on another Island, it is time to expand your Fleet! Having an additional Ship will be extremely useful for transporting the Building materials.

The launch Stars[]

Objective: Build a Shipyard on the Coast of one of your Islands.

Build a Shipyard to commission Small trading ships. Build this Building on a flat stretch of Coast.
An additional Ship for Goods transport will not only speed up the completion of the Harbour, but will also make it easier for you to supply your Population.

We need at least Stone 4t Stone to complete the Shipyard. If we sent our Flagship to Hookburgh after completing the quest for Marie, we can immediately load the Stone onto our Ship and head to Falconstone to begin construction. After dropping off the required Building materials, we can build the Small shipyard.

Anno 1404-campaign chapter3 ship building

Construction of our first Ship.

With the Shipyard completed, we can construct a Small trading ship to finish the quest. Simply select the Shipyard to open the Building menu and left-click the Small trading ship icon to begin its construction.

Ships take large amounts of Wood to construct. To supply our own construction, as well as Marie d'Artois's, we'll want to build an additional Lumberjack's hut in Falconstone. When playing with Hard starting conditions, however, we'll already have run out of Tools. While the Small trading ship is being constructed, we can send our Flagship to Lord Northburgh's Warehouse in Cathedral city to pick up and deliver Tools 20t Tools to Falconstone. We can then use Tools 2t Tools to build one additional Lumberjack's hut.

The important things Stars[]

Objective: Set up a Trading route to automatically transport Stone between Target harbours.

You should establish a Trading route for the newly built Trading ship to let it transport the Stone from Hookburgh to your Target harbour. This will allow you more time to take on other Quests and you will no longer have to worry about transporting Stone.
Have a look at the Route planning at the bottom right of the screen!

Anno 1404-campaign chapter3 trade route stone

Creating a Trading route for transporting Stone.

You can access the Routing menu using F6 or by clicking the starburst icon in the bottom-right of the screen. Click "Create new Route", then "Add Warehouse", and select Hookburgh. Next, left-click the "Load" button and select Stone. Now repeat the process for Port Sacral, but using "Unload" instead of "Load". Lastly, click "Add Ship" and select your new Trading ship. Alternatively, you can select the Target harbours and Ship directly from the overview on the left.

It's a good habit to name your Trading routes, as the name of the route is displayed when selecting a Ship. Having a descriptive name allows us to quickly determine which ships are following which routes. Also, please take a moment to appreciate the heart-shape of Cathedral city.

Anno 1404-campaign chapter3 harbour master

Example placement of the Harbour master's office.

With a steady of supply of Stone secured, it is time to build the Harbour master's office. We will take Tools 10t Tools and Wood 30t Wood from Falconstone and drop them off at Port Sacral. We will keep Wood 20t Wood on board our Ship, however. Now we just have to wait until our Transport ship delivers the required Stone and we will be able to build the Harbour master's office to complete the quest. While we wait for the Stone to arrive, we can start sailing our Flagship to Hookburgh.

Provisions for a thousand men Stars[]

Objective: Upgrade the Warehouse in Port Sacral.

More Market carts will become available to you when you upgrade Warehouses and Market buildings. You will also enlarge your Island-wide storage slightly.
Left-click to select the Warehouse and press the "Upgrade Warehouse" button.
Guy Forcas urgently needs more Storerooms. After all, the Crusaders must be supplied with enough Provisions and Equipment before their departure.

The Upgrade cost for a Medium warehouse is Wood 2t Wood • Tools 3t Tools • Stone 4t Stone. We should still have enough Building materials left over from the Harbour master's office to complete this quest immediately after receiving it.

WarningSign High demand Stars 2[]

Objective: Deliver to Marie d'Artois in Inglebeck: Wood 40t Wood
Anno 1404-campaign chapter3 marie wood delivery

Delivering Wood to Marie.

To build additional Ships for all the eager Crusaders from Inglebeck, Marie d'Artois needs more Wood than she can provide herself.
Will she be able to transport all her Knights to the Promised Land with your help?

With Port Sacral marginally expanded and our Flagship on its way to Hookburgh, now is a great time to deliver the requested Wood to Marie. We can order Wood 20t Wood and Tools 10t Wood from Brother Hilarius, so that we can pick up the Wood we're missing on our Flagship once it arrives. Once we have all 40 tons of Wood on board our Ship, we can head to Inglebeck to finish the quest. We should also take Stone 5t Stone to complete a hidden quest for Lord Northburgh on our way back.

Reward: Gold coins 1684 Gold coins • Hammer 1 Shipwright's Hammer

Note: This quest becomes unavailable after building the first Storehouse during "Final Preparations".

WarningSign Cathedral construction delayed Stars 2[]

Objective: Deliver the following Goods to Lord Northburgh in Cathedral city: Stone 5t Stone

Lord Northburgh is unhappy. Preparations for the Crusade are delaying the Cathedral construction even further. Lord Northburgh had hoped that the completion of the House of God would help the Emperor recover from his illness.
Can you help the desperate man?

Select the Cathedral construction site to start a Hidden quest for Lord Northburgh. He offers to trade Ropes 5t Ropes in exchange for Stone 5t Stone. Along with completing the quest, we will also use this opportunity to buy one more shipment of Tools 20t Tools for building the Storehouses in Port Sacral. For now we will deliver the Ropes and our new Shipwright's Hammer in Falconstone. The Shipwright's Hammer will automatically be placed in the first Item socket of your Warehouse's Strong room when we unload it from the ship, meaning its effect will be active.

Bread and circuses Stars 2[]

Objective: Build a Tavern in Falconstone, and place it so that at least 6 Citizen houses are situated in its Influence area.

If possible, build the Tavern near your Settlement's Marketplace so that a maximum number of Houses can enjoy it!
And don't forget that it must be accessible by Road.
Guy Forcas feels that a Tavern would be the perfect place for the Crusaders to spend their time while they are waiting to set off for the Orient.

Anno 1404-campaign chapter3 tavern placement

Example placement of the Tavern.

The Tavern satisfies the newly unlocked Need for Amusement of your Inhabitants. Citizens will pay more Tax if they have access to a Tavern, so we want to have as many Citizen houses within the Tavern's influence area as possible. Luckily, there's a perfectly-sized gap in our Settlement where we can place the Tavern. Building a Tavern is quite expensive though, costing Wood 15t Wood • Tools 8t Tools • Stone 20t Stone.

After delivering the Goods for the Storehouses to Port Sacral, we can use our Flagship to transport 20t Stone from Port Sacral to Falconstone to complete the quest.

Final preparations Stars[]

Objective: Extend the Harbour in Port Sacral by adding 4 Storehouses.

Storehouses significantly increase the quantities of Goods that can be stored in Warehouses and Market buildings.
You will need at least 4 Storehouses to store all the Provisions required for the forthcoming Crusade. Guy Forcas has assigned this Quest to you, of course...

The total Construction cost for 4 Small storehouses is Wood 16t Wood • Tools 16t Tools • Stone 4t Stone. We'll use our Flagship to deliver Wood 20t Wood and Tools 20t Tools to Port Sacral, which should be enough until the end of the Chapter. Note that Lord Northburgh stops selling Tools in Cathedral city after constructing the final Storehouse, so make sure you have purchased all the Tools you need.

In the service of Guy Forcas Trophy[]

Objective: Help Guy Forcas equip the Crusader army.

The preparations for the Crusade are far from complete, and Guy Forcas still has numerous Quests for you.
Follow his orders to the letter and help him prepare the main Crusader army for the departure.

At this point the Chapter takes a sudden jump in difficulty. Guy Forcas continues to have high demands, with Lord Northburgh continuing to offer Auxiliary quests to support us. Marie d'Artois also decides to join us in Port Sacral, however, abandoning her Inhabitants in the process. Let's go check on them by selecting Inglebeck's Warehouse.

Note: The sooner we take control of Inglebeck, the fewer people will leave, and as such the less materials we need to re-build it.

WarningSign A huge responsibility Stars 3[]

Objective: Ensure that Inglebeck has a Population of at least 500 Citizens.

A glance into the House menu helps you identify the Needs of the People and to take the necessary steps.
Many of the Citizens left behind by Marie d'Artois clearly believe that their Lady will not return from the Crusade, and have left Inglebeck.
Spare Marie some bitter disappointment by accepting Philippe Lamour's request...

Let's check the Marketplace to see how bad the situation is.

Population census Stars[]

Objective: Select the Marketplace in Inglebeck and go to the Inhabitants overview.

If you left-click to select the Marketplace, you will receive information about all the Ascension rights available to your Population.
Select the "Inhabitants overview" tab for a more detailed breakdown of the Inhabitants at the various Civilisation levels.
Philippe Lamour hopes that you will do something about the exodus of the People from Inglebeck.

The first order of business will be to replace the Production buildings that burnt down during Marie d'Artois's departure. This is a good time to learn about Inhabitant support. For this example we will assume a Population of 400 Peasants and 500 Citizens in Inglebeck.

On the Inhabitant support page we will find the following Table of information for Fish.

Good Inhabitant type Consumption rate Support
People Houses
Fish Peasant 1000 200 25
Citizen 400 500 33.3
Anno 1404-campaign chapter3 inglebeck 500 citizens

Inglebeck rebuilt

In the third column, under "People", we can see how many Inhabitants from each Civilisation level we can support with one Fisherman's hut. Assuming a Population of 400 Peasants and 500 Citizens, we can quickly see that we require 3 Fisherman's huts in Inglebeck. We will also need at least 2 Cider farms. We can exactly build this amount with the Tools Marie d'Artois left behind, but rebuilding the city will require more Building materials. We will order more Wood and Tools from Brother Hilarius, and pick them up with our Flagship. We should only need around Wood 10t Wood and Tools 10t Tools to reach Citizen 500 Citizens.

Naval maneuvers Stars 2[]

Objective: Deliver 4 Small trading ships to Guy Forcas in Tuckingham.

Small trading ships can be commissioned in your Shipyard.
An increasing number of Knights are eager to go to the Orient. The response to Cardinal Lucius's Crusade is so overwhelming that Guy Forcas feels he must expand his Fleet - at your expense.

Constructing 4 Small trading ships at half cost (because of the Shipwright's Hammer) will require Wood 32t Wood and Ropes 40t Ropes. It's no problem if we don't have all the required materials yet, however. The Shipyard allows us to create a queue of construction requests, with each Ship starting construction as soon as the required materials become available. This makes it very easy to queue up 4 Ships and then forget about this quest until the end of the Chapter. If we want the quest to automatically be completed as well, we can automatically send the Small trading ships to Tuckingham as soon as they are constructed. Select the Shipyard, then move the Camera to Guy Forcas's Island. By right-clicking at the desired destination in front of his Shipyard, we create a new Gathering point for the newly created Ships.

Safety first Stars[]

Objective: Extend the Harbour in Port Sacral by adding a Repair crane.
Anno 1404-campaign chapter3 marie leaves

Marie leaves us.

The Repair crane must be built in the Harbour area of either the Warehouse or the Harbour master's office, where it will repair damaged Ships.
If you build it on the water, more Ships can take advantage of its Influence area.
The journey to the Orient is long and dangerous, so Marie d'Artois wants all the Ships to be in perfect condition.

Our preparations should have left enough Building materials in Port Sacral to construct the Repair crane as soon as the Quest starts. Once the crane is built, Marie repairs her ship and sets sail. With the harbour completed, Lord Northburgh recommends that you change your trade route. This will help us complete the next quest more easily.

Molten Iron Stars 2[]

Objective: Deliver to Guy Forcas in Tuckingham: Iron 10t Iron

To provide Guy Forcas with the Iron he requires, you must first find the relevant Raw material deposits and build all the Production plants required.
You'd better get a move on with the construction, because Guy Forcas appears to be in a hurry yet again...

Cost: Gold coins 1750 • Wood 25 • Tools 9 • Stone 6
Maintenance: Maintenance cost 50 + Maintenance cost 4
= Iron
Iron smelter
+ Iron ore
Ore mine
+ Coal 1
Charcoal burner's hut

The Production chain for Iron shows all the different buildings we'll need, along with the total Construction cost.
Our Flagship should have the required amount of Tools from our last shopping trip.

Treasure in the Mountain Stars[]

Objective: Build an Iron mine in Hookburgh.

Iron ore is required for producing Iron. There should be some Iron ore deposits in Hookburgh. Build a Mine to exploit them; you can build it right on top of the Deposit.
The first step towards delivering the Iron to Guy Forcas will then be complete!

Hot Iron Stars[]

Objective: Build an Iron smelter near the Iron mine in Hookburgh.

The Iron ore is refined into Iron in the Iron smelter.
Lord Northburgh recommends that you build the Smelter near the Iron mine to shorten the Transport routes.
You should also create a Road connection to the Warehouse or Marketplace so that the Iron can be picked up and made ready for delivery to Guy Forcas later.

A fire in the Forge Stars[]

Objective: Build a Charcoal burner's hut in Hookburgh.

A Charcoal burner's paradise.

You will need Coal from a Charcoal burner's hut to power the Iron smelter. Lord Northburgh has explained that this is the only way to make the fire in the Forge hot enough to turn the Iron ore into the purest Iron.

Important: Much like our Lumberjack's huts, the Charcoal burner's hut requires enough Trees within its Influence area to run at full Productivity. Make sure there's as little obstruction as possible. Thankfully, we can omit the Road connection, as the workers from the Iron smelter can walk directly to the hut, as long as it is within their Influence area. The Iron smelter will be green if it can reach the Charcoal burner's hut, so keep an eye on this!

With the Iron Production chain successfully set up, we can soon load the required Iron on our Flagship and deliver it to Guy Forcas in Tuckingham. We can move on to the next quest while waiting for the required amount of Iron to be produced.

Hammer and saw Stars[]

Objective: Build a Toolmaker's workshop on Hookburgh.

One Toolmaker's workshop.

You can't do too much with Iron alone. However, you can process Iron to manufacture Tools in a Toolmaker's workshop.
Lord Northburgh is sure it won't be long before the first Hammers and Saws are produced in Hookburgh.

Once again, all the necessary Building materials should already be present in Hookburgh, so we can simply construct the Toolmaker's workshop near the Warehouse. One Toolmaker's workshop cannot use all the Iron from an Iron smelter, so we we will also keep the road connection so our Market carts can pick up the excess Iron.

Involuntary service Stars 2[]

Objective: Deliver the following to Guy Forcas's Large warship in Port Sacral: Tools 15t Tools

When Guy Forcas notices that you manufacture Tools, he naturally assumes that you will supply them to the Crusader army. You have no choice but to grant his request...

The Toolmaker's workshop produces Tools at a rate of 2 tons per minute. To speed this up a bit, we can order 10t Tools from Brother Hilarius, which we can then pick up and deliver to Guy Forcas's Large warship in Port Sacral. The Chapter ends as soon as you accept Guy Forcas's demand to hand over the Tools, so make sure all quests have been completed before accepting.

Ending in-game cutscene[]

Lord Richard Northburgh asks you to visit him as soon as possible because he has worrying news about the Crusade. Guy Forcas impatiently urges his sailors to load the mysterious Cargo onto the Rustbuckets and finally set sail for the Orient.

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