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Patch 1.1[]

The Tagès DRM has been removed in patch 1.1. The information below applies only to the unpatched version of the game.

Online activation is no longer needed after updating.[1]

After updating Anno 1404 to patch 1.1, Tagès will still be installed on your system, but is no longer being used by Anno 1404. You can simply uninstall it and Anno will function as normal.

The information below applies to the unpatched version of the game only.

Original, unpatched version[]

In general a person can activate Anno 1404 on three different PC configurations.[2] This is because of Tagès. Tagès is a software copy protection system.[3]

An internet connection is required to register (using your cd-key) After 3 installations a new registration must be obtained by contacting Ubisoft here

The dvd does not need to be in drive to play Anno 1404.

Which changes in the PC configuration make a new activation necessary?[]

A PC configuration consists changing the most important components of your PC, this includes the operating system, CPU, motherboard and the system hard drive.

Small changes like changing the GPU or adding extra RAM is not considered a change in the PC configuration. A new Anno 1404 activation is not necessary.[2]

Reinstalling the operating system[]

The game has to be activated after every reinstallation of the operating system. But as long as the PC configuration (including hard drive partitioning, where the OS is installed) did not change, no new activation-token will be needed, because the activation server will receive the same Hash value.

You may also create a back-up of the CSIDL_COMMON_APPDATA\Tages folder and reuse it, if your PC configuration did not change.[2]

Simultaneous use not allowed[]

In general you may instal the game on more than one PC, but you are not allowed to use the two PCs simultaneously. This means, that only one player may participate in online multiplayer games with one serial number. Further information can be found in the user information (typically displayed after the installation process).[2]

Possible future deactivation[]

In the future this copyright protection may be removed from Anno 1404. The Settlers: Rise of an Empire, also from Ubisoft, had Tagès protection initially, but due to complaints, was later removed by a patch.

No support for the game[]

What happens if the publisher or copy protection developer stops supporting the game? What happens if the activation servers are shut down permanently?

In this unlikely event, a patch will be released, removing the copy protection system.[2]


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