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The Continuous game mode is the final game type in Anno1404. It allows players to customise a variety of different features on a near-endless generation of regions. It allows players to customize a plethora of options regarding map size, resources, natural disasters, other players, starting conditions, and winning conditions. Continuous mode can be considered the ultimate Anno 1404 experience since it allows total freedom to build your world how you want.

Game setup[]

The settings of a Continuous game are divided in to 5 categories; Diplomacy, Game world, General, Start conditions, and Winning conditions. The 6 Classic Scenarios are all pre-set combinations of these settings. Additionally, the game also provides 3 unnamed pre-sets for Easy, Medium, and Hard difficulty Continuous games. These pre-sets do not have any Winning conditions active by default, but their settings can be freely adjusted to the player's liking, which sets them apart from the Scenarios. The game also offers a 4th option, which simply stores the settings of the last Continuous game that was started.

The difficulty of a game is determined by the total number of "difficulty points" that are gained from choosing difficult settings. The most effective way to increase the difficulty is to add more opponents and increase the difficulty of the Start conditions. Winning conditions do not give any points, regardless of how difficult they might be to achieve. A game is considered Easy until 555 points, at which point it becomes a Medium difficulty game. For a game to be considered Hard, it must reach at least 1111 difficulty points.

Tip: Some Achievements can only be completed in a "Hard continuous game". Make sure to find a combination of settings that works for that particular Achievement, while still being sufficient to reach Hard difficulty.

Settings for maximum population[]

If your goal is to build the biggest cities possible, always play on a huge world with large islands. Pick abundant resources as well.

It's also advisable to specifically pick one of the map numbers listed in the next section in order to have the most land to build upon. Land space is ultimately the limiting factor for your maximum population size in Anno 1404.

Good Maps for Continuous Game[]

This section lists map numbers and their screenshots allowing players who have no time to restart multiple times to pick a good map for their future game without much hassle.

Map 18030[]


Map 18030 with Medium island

Map 18030 with Medium Islands is a nice map to start your adventure with Continuous Game mode. The main Occidental island has an Oriental island right next to it with Spices, Dates, Quartz, and Clay (on fertile islands setting of course). The main island itself has a river, 2x Brine, 2x Stone, 2x Iron and 2x Bear's Cave along with Hemp and Cider fertilities.

Map 39950 - Venice Only[]


Map 39950

Map 39950 has its largest island almost in the center of the map. It has 2x Stone, 1x Brine, 2x Coal, 3x Iron, and 3x Bear's Cave. It has 6x River spots for construction and Brother Hilarius neutral power who sells you tools and wood. The main island has Cider and Hemp fertilities. To the east there is a small island with 3x Stone and 4x Iron mines, which is excellent for a Wood/Tools production.

Map 59766[]


Map 59766 with large islands

Map 59766 (it is huge with large islands) has 2 giant isles that are right near Kingsport and Al-Zahir's port. The main Oriental, 2x Copper, 1 Iron and 2x Reef (has fertilities: Dates, Spices and Silk) The NPC is Izmir.

MAP 13689 is pretty good.