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Coffee plantation
Coffee plantation
Building details
Cost Gold coins 500 · Wood 2 · Tools 4 · Mosaic 6
Maintenance Maintenance cost 20 (Inactive: Maintenance cost 10)
Prerequisites Diplomatic rank 4 500 Prestige
Envoys Envoys
Fields Field icon 5 Coffee fields (4 x 3)
Field cost Gold coins 200 per field
Produces Coffee beans Coffee beans
Production 1 ton / minute
Size 3 x 3
Icon Coffee beans
Coffee fields require adequate Fertility.
Produces Coffee beans.

The Coffee plantation is an Oriental Farm building that produces Coffee beans, which are needed to make Coffee. Coffee fields will only produce Coffee beans on islands with the requisite Fertility, which only appears on southern islands. Alternatively, Coffee seeds can be purchased from Grand Vizier Al Zahir and planted on any southern island that has a customizable resource.


Cost: Gold coins 500 + Gold coins 1000 • Wood 2 • Tools 4 • Mosaic 6
Maintenance: Maintenance cost 20
Coffee beans
Coffee beans
= Coffee beans
Coffee plantation
+ Field icon
5x Coffee field

For full production speed at least five coffee fields must be built for two hundred gold coins each. This brings the total cost for the full production chain to 1500 Gold coins. Coffee beans are only used by the Roasting house to produce Coffee.

Cost: Gold coins 2100 + Gold coins 2000 • Wood 9 • Tools 18 • Mosaic 27
Maintenance: Maintenance cost 85
= Coffee
Roasting house
+ Coffee beans
2x Coffee plantation

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