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Clay pit
Building details
Cost Gold coins 800 · Wood 7 · Tools 4
Maintenance Maintenance cost 15 (Inactive: Maintenance cost 5)
Prerequisites Diplomatic rank 3 250 Prestige
Nomads 440 Nomads
Produces Clay Clay
Production 1.2 tons / minute
Size 4 x 4
Icon Clay
Requires adequate Fertility.
Produces Clay.

The Clay pit is an Oriental Production building that produces Clay when placed on an island with adequate Fertility. Clay is used to produce Mosaics.


Cost: Gold coins 800 • Wood 7 • Tools 4
Maintenance: Maintenance cost 15
= Clay
Clay pit

The production chain for producing Clay consists of a single Clay pit. Along with the Fisherman's hut, it is the only Production building that produces items without the need for fields, a Natural resource, or supply from other buildings.

Clay is only used to produce Mosaics.

Cost: Gold coins 3600 • Wood 39 • Tools 22
Maintenance: Maintenance cost 80 + Maintenance cost 8
= Mosaic
Mosaic workshop
+ Clay
2x Clay pit
+ Quartz
Quartz quarry @90%