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City wall
Building details
Cost Gold coins 100 · Stone 1
Prerequisites Patricians Patricians
Icon City wall icon
Repels enemy attacks.

The City wall is an Occidental Defense building that can defend your islands from enemy Military units. When placed, it restricts the range of ships and armies such that they cannot hit targets behind the wall. Units also cannot move through walls, regardless of who they belong to. A Gatehouse will allow friendly units to move through a section of wall.

Cannon positions and Trebuchets are effective against City walls.

Wall exploit[]

In Anno1404, enemy units will only attack City walls belonging to enemies. This means they will not attack unowned pieces of wall. As a result, it is possible to place City walls and then demolish the Market buildings covering the squares where the wall has been placed, effectively making the City wall "Neutral" (or unowned). This can completely prevent enemy units from advancing, at the cost of a more restricted Construction area.