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The city council is a feature introduced in Anno 1404 Venice.

The city council is a new tab that becomes available when a patrician settles in your city. you can then enter the city council menu by selecting the city's warehouse. The city council allows you to ensure control over your own city and allows you to perform a hostile takeover on another player's city, but for the latter you need to buy the required attainment.

Every city council has 5 seats, owning at least three of these seats will allow you to buy the "key to the city" (bought in the same tab).
Note: the key of the city is already in your possession if you are the founder of the settlement!
buying more than three seats will decrease the price of the key.


The City Council tab of settlements you own can be accessed as soon as you have reached patrician level.

City council

City Council Tab

The tab is accessed through a warehouse. The city council of other players can only be accessed once you've bought the required attainment.
Buying seats from other player's cities will lower the reputation level against that player(When playing against NPC's)
After buying a council seat, you have to wait a few minutes until you can buy another seat in any settlement.


Hostile Takeover (Giacomo)

Hostile Takeover
Allows Players to acquire Council Seats in opposing Cities once the fellow Player concerned has reached Patrician level.