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Related Designs development team member Karrenschieber stated:

"No cheats will be included in the final version of 1404/Dawn of Discovery although cheats were included in the beta versions of the game."

"The reason for this is the fame system, which would be destroyed by cheats. We also believe, that the many possibilities to alter the settings of an endless game will enable the player to create a game, where he/she will not need cheats."[1]


There are several mods (modifications) which act as cheats.

Note that no achievements can be obtained while running a mod.

How to install[]

Step one, place the mod file(s) in:

..\ANNO 1404\data\config\**TYPE**[2]

Step two, in Engine.ini:

set <PreferLocalFiles> line to 1.


  1. Anno 1404 English forum FAQ Translation of the answer given by Karrenschieber. Karrenschieber is a member of the development team Related Designs.[1]
  2. **Type** = the type of folder like \config\game for game files, \config\questconfig for quest fixes.

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