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Chapter 6 of the Campaign can either be very tough or extremely easy, depending on how comfortable the player is with Land combat. This alternative guide explains the steps to beat the Chapter using the Wall exploit, which will trivialise the second half of the Chapter. We exploit the fact that Computer Players will not attack unowned Walls. Since all of Cardinal Lucius's camps enter our Island from the South, we can build a Wall that separates our City from this entry-point, thereby eliminating the threat of them reaching us. This will also make it extremely easy to achieve the "Man the Battlement!" Military Achievement.

The last bastion Trophy[]

Objective: Defend Marie d'Artois's Keep in the Centre of Edenisle.

The Weapon smithies and the Toolmaker's workshops

Once the Chapter starts, we want to start construction of a Small warship. Warships cost Weapons, Wood, and Ropes, so let's make sure we produce enough of all of those. We can temporarily halt one of the Weaver's huts in the South of our Island to allow our Ropeyards to run at 100% efficiency. We'll similarly halt our Toolmaker's workshops in the Northeast to allow both of our Weapon smithies to reach 100% productivity. We'll also want to build at least one Stonemason's hut. Once the Small warship has finished construction, we can restart the Weaver's hut.

Learning the basics... again[]

These quests all involve learning the basics of constructing, placing, and relocating Military units, as well as creating Walls and Towers.

  • The first sortie: Create 1 small or large Encampment at the Keep and position it just outside the City.
  • Command: Inspect the Encampment in front of the Gates of Edenisle and familiarise yourself with how it can be deployed.
  • Defending the homeland: Move 1 Encampments to the clearing near the Harbour in the South.
  • Repair work: Complete the City wall in Edenisle between the City gate and the two Towers.
  • Defence from above: Build 3 Watchtowers or Fortified towers to protect the City.
  • Troop supplies: Produce Provisions 10t Provisions in the Provision storehouse at Edenisle.

Mobilisation Stars[]

Objective: Build 2 additional Encampments.

Location of encampments

Build two more Large encampments and locate them at the southern area by the Harbour. Depending on the starting difficulty, you might lack the Weapons to build the third Encampment immediately, but even on Hard you should be able to get the final Encampment into position before the first wave arrives. Once the third Encampment is ready, halt the Weapon smithies and resume the halted Toolmaker's workshops. We can afford to be quite aggressive with the placement of our Encampments, as they will not be used for combat anymore after this first engagement. See the image for an example placement.

Saving the Peasants[]

During the setup period we can save all of the Peasants.

  • The evacuation: Rescue the Inhabitants of Fingal in the Southeast of the region.
  • Escape with difficulties: Deliver the following Goods to the stranded Jacques the Peasant: Tools 10t Tools • Ropes 10t Ropes
  • In terrible distress: Destroy Cardinal Lucius's Ships to save Yves the Peasant and his People.

The third quest will involve some Ship Combat, so make sure to bring your newly constructed Small warship. Approach one of the enemy ships and take it down. Next, approach the remaining enemy ship with your undamaged ship first, and only then bring in the damaged Ship for support. This way you won't lose either of your ships. We will now station all of our ships North of Edenisle.

Replacing what was lost[]

The following quests all trigger once the respective Manufactories are destroyed or captured. It is possible to place the new buildings in the clearing in the Northwest of the Island before this happens and the quests will automatically complete as soon as they are triggered, though this is not really necessary.

  • Fisherman's huts: Build 3 Fisherman's huts.
  • Cider farms: Build 3 Cider farms.
  • Hemp plantations: Build 3 Hemp plantations.
  • Divine visions: Build a new Warehouse on the Beach in the North of Edenisle.

The baptism of fire Stars 2[]


First wave


Relocate the encampments

Objective: Destroy Cardinal Lucius's vanguard at the Harbour of Edenisle.

The first wave of attacks should be happening pretty soon. Focus the attack from all 3 of the Encampments on one enemy at a time. Attack manually to concentrate fire on one. Do not set your Encampments to Offensive combat, as they will try to attack the Bridgehead, which is invincible. If you built 3 large encampments, it will be super easy to defeat Lucius' two encampments. After Lucius' Encampments are defeated, relocate all 3 Encampments as shown in the image and set them to Offensive combat. We will see why later.

The only Wall you'll ever need[]


An impenetrable Wall.

We need to defeat the first two Small encampments sent by Lucius. Once they have been cleared out, we can simply wait for the final quest to appear and end the Chapter. By applying the "Wall exploit", this becomes a piece of cake. Build your walls as shown in the image. The specific location is just above your Northern-most Hemp plantation. You will need to demolish one Hemp field above the plantation to build the Wall. You will also need to build two Market buildings in order to finish the Wall. We can demolish these again once the Wall has been completed.


The following quests will come up during the battle with Cardinal Lucius.

  • Noble privileges: Provide permanent accommodation in the Town for 333 Noblemen.
  • The eye of the enemy: Find the 3 Spies.
  • In the grip of Barnabas: Hand over the Spies to Barnabas.
  • Iron rations: Secure supplies of Military equipment for your Army. Build 2 War machines workshops.

After the Iron rations quest is completed, we can halt the War machines workshops, since we won't need them anymore. Also halt the Ropeyards, as you will no longer need ropes. The game also suggests increasing your Iron production so you can keep producing Weapons, but we can ignore this, as we won't be doing any more fighting anyway.

Note: While we don't really care about the City walls, we don't want our Trade buildings captured by the Miner positions. Make sure your Trade buildings are protected by Towers, for example those placed during the "Defence from above" quest.

Completing the Chapter[]

We will ultimately receive the following quests, which will allow us to end the Chapter. The timer for Al Zahir's arrival only starts once our Ship leaves the region, so we would preferably use a fast Ship to speed this up. Our Small warship is the fastest Ship we own, so make sure it's waiting in your newly created Harbour when the quest arrives.

  • A glimmer of hope: Use an Expedition ship to send Al Zahir a Distress call.
  • At the last second: Board Al Zahir's Ship.