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Carpet workshop
Building details
Cost Gold coins 400 · Wood 5 · Tools 3
Maintenance Maintenance cost 60 (Inactive: Maintenance cost 30)
Prerequisites Diplomatic rank 2 100 Prestige
Nomads 295 Nomads
Produces Carpets Carpets
Production 1.5 tons / minute
Size 3 x 3
Icon Carpets
Requires Silk and Indigo.
Produces Carpets.

The Carpet workshop is an Oriental Production building that produces Carpets from Silk and Indigo. Carpets are required to satisfy the Need for Property of Nomads and Envoys. They are also highly profitable, though the initial cost of the production chain is quite high.


Cost: Gold coins 1150 + Gold coins 1000 • Wood 15 • Tools 7
Maintenance: Maintenance cost 105
= Carpets
Carpet workshop
+ Silk
Silk plantation
+ Indigo
Indigo farm

The production chain for producing Carpets consists of a single Carpet workshop supplied by one Silk plantation and one Indigo farm. The cost of placing all the required fields is 1000 Gold coins.

One Carpet workshop can support the following number of inhabitants.

Carpets Consumption
People Houses
Nomads 166 909 60.6
Envoys 100 1500 60


  1. Data obtained from the game using ToolOne. Consumption rates are per 100 Inhabitants.
  2. The number of Inhabitants that can be satisfied with the output of one Production building.