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Cannon foundry
Cannon foundry
Building details
Cost Gold coins 6000 · Wood 24 · Tools 15 · Stone 30 · Glass 24
Maintenance Maintenance cost 100 (Inactive: Maintenance cost 50)
Prerequisites Nobleman 950 Noblemen
Produces Cannons Cannons
Production 1 ton / minute
Size 3 x 3
Icon Cannons
Requires Iron and Wood.
Produces Cannons.

The Cannon foundry is an Occidental Production building that produces Cannons from Iron and Wood. Cannons are used for certain military buildings, ships and encampments. Particularly for ships, having access to Cannons brings a lot of improvement. Cannons are required for both Large warships, which have the highest Attack power in the game, and Large oriental trading ships, which have the highest speed in the game.


Cost: Gold coins 7850 • Wood 49 • Tools 28 • Stone 36 • Glass 24
Maintenance: Maintenance cost 160 + Maintenance cost 3
= Cannons
Cannon foundry
+ Wood
2x Lumberjack's hut
+ Iron
Iron smelter @75%
+ Iron ore
Ore mine @75%
+ Coal 1
Charcoal burner's hut @75%

The production chain for producing Cannons consists of a single Cannon foundry supplied by 2 Lumberjack's huts and one Iron production chain. Cannons are not used as a resource by any other production buildings and are not consumed by Inhabitants.

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