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Anno1404 features a single-player Campaign with 8 Chapters, where the Player is introduced to different Characters and regions as part of an overarching main story. The Campaign also acts as a tutorial for new players, with new mechanics slowly being added and explained through individual Quests. This means it's recommended for new players to play through the Campaign before moving on to Continuous games. While the Campaign is generally quite easy and forgiving, the final Chapters can be quite challenging. Additionally, some Quests are easily missed during a regular playthrough, which can be quite frustrating when trying to reach 100% completion on all Chapters. These Campaign guides will go through all Quests of each Chapter, offering additional hints and tips along the way. It also specifically marks Quests that have special prerequisites or are easily missed.

Note: The "Guardian of the Realm" Achievement requires the player to "Win all the missions in the Campaign with difficult start conditions and complete all the Side quests". Additionally, there are three Medals (Imperial seal in [Bronze, Silver, Gold]) for completing all Campaign missions with Easy, Medium, and Hard start conditions respectively.

Anno 1404-campaignmap

The campaign map.

Chapter I: A Declaration of Faith[]

Campaign map-gold ship icon

"Show that you are worthy of your Fiefdom and support Lord Richard Northburgh during construction of his Cathedral."

Anno 1404-campaign loadscreen chp1

Chapter II: In the Sign of the Cross[]

Campaign map-gold ship icon

"Expand your Settlement and supply the growing Crusader army."

Anno 1404-campaign loadscreen chp2

Chapter III: Departure for the Promised Land[]

Campaign map-gold ship icon

"Build Guy Forcas a Harbour and prepare the Crusader fleet for departure."

Anno 1404-campaign loadscreen chp3

Chapter IV: The Lost Children[]

Campaign map-gold ship icon

"Solve the mystery of the missing Children and establish the first contacts with the Orient."

Anno 1404-campaign loadscreen chp4

Chapter V: A Storm Breaks Out[]

Campaign map-gold ship icon

"Avert the threat of War between the Occident and the Orient and expose Guy Forcas for the deceitful wretch he is."

Anno 1404-campaign loadscreen chp5

Chapter VI: Caught in a Trap[]

Campaign map-gold ship icon

"Stand up to Cardinal Lucius and help Marie d'Artois defend her City."

Anno 1404-campaign loadscreen chp6

Chapter VII: The Man with the Mask[]

Campaign map-gold ship icon

"Rescue Lord Richard from exile with Al Zahir's help, and save the Emperor's life."

Anno 1404-campaign loadscreen chp7

Chapter VIII: Pillars of Justice[]

Campaign map-gold ship icon

"Complete the Cathedral construction in an unequal contest and put a stop to Cardinal Lucius once and for all."

Anno 1404-campaign loadscreen chp8

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