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The campaign map.

Anno 1404 features a single-player story mode known as the Campaign. It tells the story of planned crusade-turned-plot to overthrow the Emperor. Besides introducing characters, it also doubles as a tutorial and introduction to the basics of Anno 1404 game-play.

It's recommended that new players play through the Campaign before trying the scenarios or continuous mode.

Note: The cities you build in each chapter do not carry over to the next chapter.

There are special medals and achievements awarded for completing the campaign on easy, medium, and hard (You only need to play on the hard difficulty to unlock all three) and for completing every single quest in every single story mission.


Each of the 8 chapters contains a certain static amount of quests that are each worth a certain amount of points. Upon completing each chapter a victory screen will be displayed that lists the total points you earned. There is an achievement for completing all quests in all chapters on hard, which unlocks a special title as well. This achievement is also needed to get "The Gold Ship" achievement.

Most quests you can't avoid and you'll complete as you play each chapter, but there are a number of missable sidequests. A few of these are very easy to miss. The walkthrough labels all sidequests and tells you how and when to complete them, but be aware that if you skip around in the walkthrough, you might miss them.

Chapter 1: A Declaration of Faith[]

Campaign map-gold ship icon.jpg

"Show that you are worthy of your Fiefdom and support Lord Richard Northburgh during construction of his Cathedral."

Anno 1404-campaign loadscreen chp1.jpg

Chapter 2: In the Sign of the Cross[]

Campaign map-gold ship icon.jpg

"Expand your Settlement and supply
the growing Crusader army."

Anno 1404-campaign loadscreen chp2.jpg

Chapter 3: Departure for the Promised Land[]

Campaign map-gold ship icon.jpg

"Build Guy Forcas a Harbour and prepare
the Crusader fleet for departure."

Anno 1404-campaign loadscreen chp3.jpg

Chapter 4: The Lost Children[]

Campaign map-gold ship icon.jpg

"Solve the mystery of the missing Children and
establish the first contacts with the Orient."

Anno 1404-campaign loadscreen chp4.jpg

Chapter 5: A Storm Breaks Out[]

Campaign map-gold ship icon.jpg

"Avert the threat of War between the Occident
and the Orient and expose Guy Forcas
for the deceitful wretch he is."

Anno 1404-campaign loadscreen chp5.jpg

Chapter 6: Caught in a trap[]

Campaign map-gold ship icon.jpg

"Stand up to Cardinal Lucius and help
Marie d'Artois defend her City."

Anno 1404-campaign loadscreen chp6.jpg

Chapter 7: The Man with the Mask[]

Campaign map-gold ship icon.jpg

"Rescue Lord Ricard from exile with Al Zahir's help, and save the Emperor's life."

Anno 1404-campaign loadscreen chp7.jpg

Chapter 8: Pillars of Justice[]

Campaign map-gold ship icon.jpg

"Complete the Cathedral construction in an unequal contest and put a stop to Cardinal
Lucius once and for all."

Anno 1404-campaign loadscreen chp8.jpg

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