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Brother Hilarius
Brother Hilarius
Character details
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Build a Road connection between the Mountain monastery and your Settlement so that you can buy the Goods produced by Brother Hilarius.

Brother Hilarius is an Occidental Neutral power that acts as a trading partner. He offers Tools, Stone, Beer, and Wine in exchange for Gold coins. He resides in the Mountain monastery, moving Goods between the monastery and your Settlement using donkeys. It is also confirmed in the Campaign that Brother Hilarius cannot swim.


Brother Hilarius plays a major role in the Campaign.

Brother Hilarius' specialty is to offer Occidental goods to the player, each with a capacity limit.

Brother Hilarius icon Good Cost
(per ton)
Maximum Prerequisite
Tools Tools Coin66 Crates open15 Peasant Peasants
Stone Stone Coin16 Crates open20 Citizen Citizens
Beer Beer Coin78 Crates open15 Patricians Patricians
Wine Wine Coin240 Crates open10 Nobleman Noblemen

Extensive Quests[]

Brother Hilarius offers two extensive quests. Completing both of them will award the player with the "Ora et labora… pray and work" Achievement.

  • Special brew I-II
    • Patrician civilization level
    • Control at least one Monastery garden
    • Control at least 3 Warships
  • The nunnery I-IV
    • Noblemen civilization level
    • Control at least 4 Warships
    • At war with at least one Opponent or the Corsairs

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