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Difficulty Neutral
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The Place of pilgrimage is the site of divine miracles. Connect it to your Settlement and supply the wise lady, Lady Benedicta, with Goods to spread the news and thus enhance your Honour.

Benedicta is an Occidental Neutral power that occasionally provides Honour in exchange for a constant supply of Bread. Benedicta resides in the Place of pilgrimage, which appears as a quarry with a number of statues and carvings on the walls. Providing Bread increases the likelihood of an Apparition, which provides Honour after it has concluded.


The Place of pilgrimage consumes 2 tons of Bread per minute, which is half the production of a Bakery. While providing Benedicta with the bread, the likelihood of an Apparition increases to a maximum of 90%, which is reached after 90 minutes. The likelihood is returned to 0% when an Apparition happens. An Apparition lasts 5 to 10 minutes, and once it has concluded Benedicta will provide you with Honour as thanks for your support.

Once you have supplied Benedicta with Bread for 90 minutes, Divine Apparitions have a 90% chance of occurring every 20 to 25 minutes. (If you don't pass the 90% roll, you have to wait 20 to 25 minutes for another 90% chance.) If an apparation occurs, it lasts from 5 to 10 minutes and generates Honor every minute based on your highest population class (this needs confirmation, the field is listed as Honer per Minute yet is reported to only generate until the minimum time (5 minutes)). You are told how much Honor was generated, when the apparition ends.

Divine Apparitions Honor
Level Honor/Minute Honor Total
Peasant 5 25 - 50
Citizen 10 50 - 100
Patrician 40 200 - 400
Nobleman 40 200 - 400


In an Anno 1404 scenario of Diplomat (medium difficulty), Benedicta had an apparition an average of every 51 ± 27 minutes (minimum 26, maximum 128, n = 17; these numbers include the time between apparitions plus the duration of the apparition). The apparition lasted an average of 5½ minutes (min 5.1, max 6.4), and always resulted in exactly 200 Honor. Bread was only available once Patricians existed.

Thus, her Pilgrimage site generated ~234 Honor per hour (200*60/51), or ~3.9 Honor/minute, when running full time. In this particular scenario, then, she is only about a third as productive (in Honor/minute) as other ways of "buying" Honor, but it's easy to do, and every bit helps.

Benedicta consumes 2 tons of Bread per minute, this costs 35 coin in maintenance per minute (70 maintenance per minute for a Bread chain divided by 4 tons of Bread per minute). Thus, in this particular example, she produces Honor at a cost of 9 gold/Honor.

Conclusion: Benedicta's Pilgrimage site is a slow but inexpensive way to increase your Honor.

Other than the mentor trading rewards, she also the only fully "automatic" way of increasing your honor passively, all the other methods require the player activating them or selling items.

Extensive Quests[]

Benedicta provides two extensive quests. Completing the final stage of both awards the player with the "A miracle..." Achievement. The first quest is only given while the player is at the Patrician civilisation level and has at least one Salt works built. The second quest is only given once the player has reached the Nobleman civilisation level, has at least one Wine press in any of their Settlements, and controls at least 2 Warships.

  • Phony magic I-II
  • The miracle I-V

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