Drink item needed by Patricians (but production buildings can be build only after you reach 510 Patricians) and Noblemen. This drink is produced by a production chain that includes Crop Farms, Monastery Gardens and Monastery Breweries. Each of the main buildings need a 3x3 area, but only the Monastery Brewery requires a road connection, unless you want to save up spare wheat and herb, to sell the extra or when you have the farms/gardens outside the pickup range of the breweries.

The Crop Farm needs a 4x4 area for each field and each field yields up to 33.3% production to the Farm. The Crop fields requires Wheat fertility. The Monastery Garden needs a 2x3 area for each field, and each field yields up to 12.5% production to the Monastery. The Herb fields requires Herb fertility.

Both fertility needed is only available on some occidental islands, and it's possible to get both on same island with and without the use of seeds. Minimum space needed is 123 squares for one Crop Farm, one Monastery Garden and one Monastery Brewery.