Baronessa Constanza Zanchi
Baronessa C Zanchi.jpg
Baronessa Constanza Zanchi
Difficulty Hard
Icon Baronessa icon

Imperious and proud, the Baronessa is a woman of high stature, who is willing to do anything to get what she wants. Killing off all of her previous husbands, she obtained new titles that make her a feared woman indeed. The Baronessa is a devout diplomat and is a very difficult person to have around. She will buy you out and not even lose a dime. (+225 difficulty).[1]

She dislikes you more the more quests you complete for the Lord, Grand Vizier and the corsairs (she stays content if you complete a quest for Giacomo Garibaldi).

As an Italian woman, the Baronessa will use (and build) the Tradesman's Cog if the Venice-Addon is installed.

Traits: Aggressive, Italian, Diplomat (Warmonger pre-Addon)

Building Speed: Medium

Civilization Level limited to player (does not include Nomads and Envoys): No

Trade Emphasis: Medium

Military Difficulty: Hard

Reputation if the player is weaker*: - 2 Reputation

Reputation if the player is stronger*: +1 Reputation

Espionage: Yes

Espionage Purpose: All kinds of Sabotage

Demands Tribute: Yes

Tribute Range: High

Diplomacy Difficulty: Hard

Favorite Enemy: Marie d'Artois, Helena Flores

Favorite Ally: Cardinal Lucius

Favorite Goods: Silk, Perfume, Fur Coats

Baronessa's in-game color is yellow-ish green.

*The weaker/stronger modifier results from a variable number of modifiers such as fleet size, population, civilization level etc. Nomad and Envoys have no effect to the calculation (Example: if you try for the achievement 'A place in the sun', you have no peasants and thus you are almost always called weaker than the opponent).


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