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Character details
Icon Barnabas icon
Robber baron camp
Building details
Cost Gold coins 2000 • Beer 15 • Military budget 3
Maintenance Maintenance cost 20
Hit Points Heart 2400
Attack Power Sword icon 2
Attack Range 13
Size 6 x 6
Icon Tent (6)
If you build a Road connection between the Robber barons' castle and your Settlement you can conscript special Troops from Barnabas, the Robber baron.

Barnabas is an Occidental Neutral power that provides Robber baron camps in exchange for Gold coins and Beer. Robber baron camps have low attack but high health. They also have a fast Seize speed, making them ideal for taking over Trade buildings in contended areas.


Barnabas is encountered in chapter 6 of the Campaign, where he resides on Marie d'Artois' home island. He provides Robber baron camps like normal, and helps a group of Lucius' Spies "find their tongues".

Extensive Quests[]

Barnabas provides 2 extensive quests, which when completed will award the player with the "Force brings Justice" Achievement. Barnabas will only provide quests once the player has reached the Nobleman civilisation level.

  • Wounded I-III
  • The arsenal I-IV *

* Requires the player to have at least 4 Warships.


  • It is mentioned during the Campaign that Barnabas was the Battle instructor of Marie d'Artois, possibly explaining her Warmongering personality.

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