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About Anno 1404

Anno 1404, also known as Dawn of Discovery in North America, is a game that blends city building and economic simulation, along with real-time strategy elements. It was released in June 2009 and is the sequel to Anno 1701. It was developed by Related Designs, produced by Blue Byte, and is published by Ubisoft. There is a Wii and Nintendo DS version of Anno 1404, but they are not the same as the PC version. This wiki covers the English PC version only.

How to use this wiki

This wiki is divided into four main sections: guides, reference material, walkthroughs, and technical information.

The guides section explains important game topics and clarifies many game topics not explained elsewhere. Particularly the Needs, Population, Taxation, Terminology, and Trade guides are must-reads.

The reference materials section contains detailed lists and formulas for most of Anno 1404's game mechanics and is great for looking up details about a particular item, building, or system. Particularly the production chains reference page is extremely useful to keep handy while playing.

The walkthrough section provides step-by-step instructions for the main campaign and other game modes. Anno 1404 assumes you will play the main campaign first, and therefore reading the campaign walkthrough is a perfect place for new players to start on this wiki. The walkthrough will supplement the game's own tutorials and provide a solid foundation of knowledge for new players.

The technical information section contains various information not related to the game world itself but about computer and meta-game issues. The Engine.ini may prove useful, although the rest of the pages aren't as important to most players.

Other resources

By far the most useful tool for playing Anno 1404 is this production calculator website. This is indispensable when trying to determine how much of what you need to build and supply.

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