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Alms house
Building details
Cost Gold coins 200 · Wood 5 · Tools 5
Prerequisites Beggars Beggars
Houses Beggars 500 Beggars
Size 4 x 3
Icon Alms house icon
Requires Food and Faith.
Removes Beggars from the Streets.

The Alms house is an Occidental Residence building that houses up to 500 Beggars. Beggars are unique in the way they move in to a Settlement. They don't move in by building an Alms house. Instead, Beggars will approach your island on a Coffin ship once your Occidental Settlement reaches the 'Small Town' Status. You then have the option of either accepting or rejecting them. Beggars will not approach Oriental Settlements.

Accepting the Beggars will place them on the streets of your Settlement, where they cost Gold coins and reduce the Happiness of your Inhabitants. While on the street, they also increase the chance of Sickness and Plague within your Settlement.[Unverified] The Alms house can then be used to remove Beggars from the streets, as long as their Needs are fulfilled. Beggars require Fish, Cider, Companionship and Faith.

Rejecting Beggars creates the risk of them banding together and attacking your buildings as Bandits later on. However, in the Venice add-on, this option is made more attractive as the town's Patricians and Noblemen will compensate you with Gold coins for turning away Beggars. You will receive 10 Gold coins per Patrician and 5 Gold coins per Nobleman, up to a total between 5000 and 25000 Gold coins.


The Coffin ship can hold between 90 and 200 Beggars. Every 20 minutes the game checks if the maximum number of Beggars has been reached, and sends a Coffin ship if this is not the case yet. The maximum number of Beggars[1] is calculated as: 10% of Citizens + 20% of Patricians + 30% of Noblemen. The Coffin ship will not carry the exact amount of Beggars needed to reach the maximum, and it will generally overshoot the target.

Accepting Beggars and building Alms houses grants Begging rights. For every 40 Begging rights, 1 additional Citizenship becomes available, which allows more Peasants to ascend to Citizens. The Beggar prince Attainment increases the number of extra citizenships granted even further.

  • Citizenships with Beggar prince 0: 80% of Occidental houses + 2.5% of Begging rights.
  • Citizenships with Beggar prince 1: 80% of Occidental houses + 2.7% of Begging rights.
  • Citizenships with Beggar prince 2: 80% of Occidental houses + 2.94% of Begging rights.
  • Citizenships with Beggar prince 3: 80% of Occidental houses + 3.33% of Begging rights.


  1. Percentages taken from the game using ToolOne and verified ingame by using the population calculator to calculate the totals.

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