Alms house
Building details
Cost 200 Gold coins · 5 Wood · 5 Tools
Maintenance 0 Maintenance cost
Prerequisite Beggars Beggars
Size 3 x 4
Hit Points 1000
Houses 500 Beggars Beggars
Icon Alms house icon

The Alms house is an occidental residence building that houses beggars.


In continuous games and scenarios your main settlement will begin to attract beggars as it grows. When they arrive via a coffin ship they will courteously ask if they can stay in your town. You may either turn them away or accept them into your settlement.

If you say no, then you risk them banding together and attacking your buildings as bandits later on. However, in the Venice add-on, this option is made more attractive as the town's patricians and noblemen will provide you with a sum of coins at the moment that you turn the beggars' request down. A more detailed explanation covering these payments can be found in the Population page.

If you say yes, then you need to build an Alms house to care for them. If you do not build such housing, those beggars will start swarming the streets and lower the tax income. Alms houses are very inexpensive and can house up to 500 beggars at a time. However, beggars still drain food and drink and do not pay taxes, making them an ever greater drain on your economy as your civilization advances. This drain can be offset by the fact that the beggars in your settlement grant you extra citizen ascension rights. The beggar prince attainment increases the number of extra citizenships granted even further.

This building requires Fish, Cider, Companionship and Faith, and it removes the beggars from the streets, untill the limit of 500 beggars is reached and the town requires a second Alms house.

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