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Al Rashid
Al Rashid
Character details
Icon Al Rashid icon
Assassins' camp
Building details
Cost Gold coinsCarpets 5 • Hemp 10 • Military budget 3
Maintenance Maintenance cost 20
Hit Points Heart 200
Attack Power Sword icon 13
Attack Range 11
Size 4 x 4
Icon Tent (5)
Build a Road connection between the Assassins' fortress and your Settlement to allow the leader of the Assassins, Al Rashid, to train special Troops.

Al Rashid is an Oriental Neutral power that provides Assassins' camps in exchange for Gold coins, Hemp and Carpets (or Coffee with the Venice add-on). He resides in the Assassins' fortress.


Al Rashid is briefly encountered in chapter 7 of the campaign, where he is tasked by Cardinal Lucius with holding Lord Northburgh in his fortress.

Al Rashid/Assassin's Fortress[]

The Assassin's Fortress plays a minor, modified role in the Campaign.

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