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Arrow "Avert the threat of War between the Occident and the Orient and expose Guy Forcas for the deceitful wretch he is."

A Storm Breaks Out is the fifth Chapter in the Campaign. It starts the player off with a slightly expanded version of their Settlement from the previous Chapter, though the Islands around it have all changed. The main Settlement is also rotated 90 degrees from the previous Chapter, which makes it quite disorienting. With Lord Northburgh taken away by Kardinal Lucius, most quests will now be received from Al Zahir. We're also introduced to Ibn al Hakim, who resides in the Centre of Wisdom. This Chapter introduces the remaining Needs and Buildings of the Patrician tier, as well as more intense Naval combat.

Anno 1404-campaign difficulty chapter5


"Huge Warships drove their inexorable way southwards, heedless of the stormy Seas. Marie d'Artois stood at the stern of the Flagship. Straight and tall, Cardinal Lucius' red Banner clenched firmly in her fist. It was she whom Guy Forcas had assigned to command the Fleet vanguard. A clever move. The Knights and Seamen worshiped Marie as a saint, for in her presence all were free of any doubt and fear. It would not be long before the Crusaders, armed to the teeth, would land on the shores of the Orient. The world teetered on the brink of disaster."

Marie d'Artois warns that further attacks will follow until Kardinal Lucius and Guy Forcas arrive with the massed forces of the Crusader army. Feverish with excitement, she issues the command to attack Al Zahir's Harbour. A horrified Grand Vizier Al Zahir attempts to withstand Marie d'Artois's attack.

Shoulder to shoulder Trophy[]

Objective: Help Al Zahir to defend against the Crusader army.

Al Zahir is appealing to you for assistance!
The advance guard of the Crusader fleet has reached the oriental shores with its General, Marie d'Artois. Eager to enter battle, the Ships are roaming around looting, spreading fear and terror among the Oriental Population.
Can Al Zahir count on your help?


Setting up Tools production.

Preparations: Before we can start to expand, we need to sort out our Tools production. The game starts us off with a single Iron production chain, one Toolmaker's workshop, and one Weapon smithy. We're not producing enough Iron to supply both of these at the same time. We can either supply two Toolmaker's workshops or one Weapon smithy. We'll halt the Weapon smithy and add one additional Toolmaker's workshop, as Tools are the most important for now. As the Chapter progresses, it is advised to build an additional Iron production chain to supply the Weapon smithy. The Weapons produced here will be useful for later quests, and can be sold through Passive trade for some additional income.

Relief supplies for Al Zahir Stars 2[]

Objective: Deliver the following to Al Zahir's Warehouse: Leather jerkins 8t Leather jerkins

Not only has Al Zahir lost Trading vessels full of Goods in Marie d'Artois's attack, but he has also had to pick up numerous refugees.
The refugees are now waiting in the blazing sun, anxious to return to their villages. Help the Grand vizier supply the poor!

"Marie d'Artois is attacking our Ships and threatening our people, but what we really need right now is some cool Leather jackets!" That's basically Al Zahir at the start of this Chapter. Luckily, he also offers the Auxiliary quests to help us get to the point where we can supply him with the jackets. We can deal with additional Quests as they come up during the waiting periods.

Leather specialist wanted Stars 2[]

Objective: Settle 690 Patricians in Guelphdon.

You cannot manufacture Leather Clothing for Al Zahir until your Town has grown larger.
Build more Peasant houses and ensure that all your Population's needs are being met.
Al Zahir is counting on your support!

With about 10 new Peasant houses we'll soon have the required number of Patricians.

Leather jerkin manufacture Stars 2[]

Objective: Build the following Buildings on the Island in the Northeast: Tannery • Pig farm with 4 pastures • Salt mine • Salt works • Charcoal burner's hut

The construction site for the Tannery must be by a River. You should therefore move to the Island in the Northeast to manufacture the Leather jerkins.
You will also find the Salt you need in the Mountains on this Island.
Al Zahir hopes you will help him to alleviate the suffering caused by Marie d'Artois's attack.


Leather jerkins production chain.

Cost: Gold coins 3450 + Gold coins 800 • Wood 32 • Tools 20 • Stone 27
Maintenance: Maintenance cost 105 + Maintenance cost 6
Leather jerkins
Leather jerkins
= Leather jerkins
+ Animal hides
2x Pig farm
+ Salt
Salt works @50%
+ Brine
Salt mine @50%
+ Coal 1
Charcoal burner's hut @50%

As always, the Production chain for Leather jerkins shows the required Building materials to construct the full production chain. In addition to these costs, we'll also bring some extra materials for the Trade buildings. A safe amount to bring would be Wood 40t Wood • Tools 30t Tools • Stone 30t Stone. We can buy Building materials from Brother Hilarius if needed.

Now that we've constructed the Leather jerkins production chain, we will soon be able to deliver the desired Leather jerkins to Al Zahir. The Grand vizier will also advise us to set up a Trading route to deliver the Leather jerkins to our population, which we will do immediately. We already have a Small trading ship waiting to be put to good use.

Reward: Honor 100 Honour

Salvation of the innocent Stars[]

Objective: Sail to Dar el Marisi and take the Date pickers on board.

Marie d'Artois's attacks are growing increasingly frequent and the first innocent victims have now been caught up in the War.
Al Zahir asks you to help take these people to safety. Rescue the Date pickers!

As soon as we reach Citizen 290 Citizens, two Small warships appear near Al Zahir's Island of Dar el Marisi. The two Trading vessels are scripted to sink as soon as you get close to them, so there's no point in rushing over there, but we can send our Flagship to check it out.

Deliver the Date pickers Stars 2[]

Objective: Take the Date pickers to Al Zahir's Warehouse.

The Date pickers are safe for the time being, but as Grand vizier to the Sultan, Al Zahir wants to look after them personally.

Reward: Honor 30 Honour

The eyewitness report Stars[]

Objective: Take delivery of the following at Al Zahir's Warehouse: Letter The Grand vizier's report

Marie d'Artois must be convinced of Guy Forcas's wicked machinations! This is the only way to prevent the smouldering War!
Al Zahir has recorded all the atrocities in a report. It is essential that Marie d'Artois receives that report.

The Grand vizier's hope Stars[]

Objective: Deliver the following to Marie d'Artois's Warehouse: Letter The Grand vizier's report

Al Zahir will do anything to stop the impending War against his homeland.
He sends you off to Marie d'Artois's Harbour with high hopes that she may be convinced to call off the Crusade once she learns about the monstrous deeds committed by Guy Forcas in the name of the Crusade.

A suspicious wreck Stars[]

Objective: Salvage the flotsam from the Corsair wreck for Al Zahir.

Marie d'Artois has been blinded from the truth by her visions, and does not believe the Grand vizier's report.
Al Zahir is still hoping to prevent an impending attack on his homeland.
There may be more evidence of Guy Forcas's dishonourable dealings in a Corsair wreck that sank in the last storm. Al Zahir is counting on your support!

Reward: Honor 80 Honour

The Logbook Stars[]

Objective: Take the Logbook to Ibn al Hakim.

Find Ibn al Hakim from the Academy of Wisdom. He is the only person the Grand vizier trusts will be able to break the Corsair captain's code.

Reward: Honor 120 Honour

Support for the refugees Stars 2[]

Objective: Deliver to Al Zahir: Dates 10t Dates • Milk 10t Milk

Build the Manufactories required for producing Milk and Dates.
You should also consider building Norias so that your Production plants can operate effectively.
Al Zahir needs you to help him supply all the refugees on his Island with Food.

Both farms are already unlocked at the start of the Chapter. We can place a Goat farm on Guelphdon to produce Milk, since we have plenty of Grassland available there. For the Dates we will need an Island with the requisite Fertility, however. The Grand Vizier puts us in charge of the derelict Date pickers' Island and offers the following auxiliary quest.

Risky new beginnings Stars 2[]

Objective: Build 10 Nomad's houses in Dar el Marisi.

The Derelict Nomad houses will automatically ascend back to regular Nomad houses once they have access to a Bazaar again.
Nomads won't move in until they have access to Dates, however.

The Island starts off with 4 Date plantations already present, but we'll only need one. We can demolish the other three to save on Maintenance. Let's deliver some Building materials to start the construction process. We'll need to build a new Bazaar and a Small noria for irrigation to rebuild the Settlement. Once these have been set up, the Inhabitants will return over time until the quest is completed.

Reward: Scroll 2 1 Noble appreciation

Note: In order to place the Noria as shown in the picture, simply remove and replace the bridge across the River.

Once all the required Goods have been produced, we will take the Scroll 2 Noble appreciation and the supplies to Al Zahir's warehouse. With all the acquired Honour we can immediately buy some Ship Items, which will help us with naval combat later in the chapter.

With the refugees taken care of, we can now supply our Nomad Settlement with the Milk from Guelphdon. Let's build a Small trading ship and create a Trading route to deliver the Milk. We'll also use this trading route to move Oriental Goods from Kuhrang to Guelphdon later.

Reward: Honor 120 Honour

Small warships Stars 2[]

Objective: Build 3 Small warships.

You can commission the required Ships at your Shipyard.
Following Marie d'Artois's incessant attacks, Al Zahir is extremely worried about his compatriots.
Help the Grand vizier!

We can momentarily pause the Toolmaker's workshops and start the Weapon smithy to create the necessary Goods. Alternatively, now would be a good time to build an additional Iron production chain. We can work on expanding Guelphdon while waiting for the Ships to finish construction.

Reward: Honor 50 Honour

The transcription Stars 2[]

Objective: Provide Ibn al Hakim with the following: Paper 5t Paper • Indigo 5t Indigo

Build the Production plants required for manufacturing Paper and Indigo. Your Town may need to grow larger before the Manufactories are available to you.
Ibn al Hakim cannot translate the Logbook without a few writing utensils.

You'd think an esteemed Scholar like Ibn al Hakim would be able to afford his own utensils, but at least Al Zahir is willing to help us fulfil the request by offering the following Auxiliary quests.

Specialist required Stars 2[]

Objective: Settle 940 Patricians in Guelphdon.

You cannot manufacture Paper until your Town has grown larger.
Build more Peasant houses and ensure that all your Population's needs are satisfied.
Hurry up, so that Ibn al Hakim can decipher the Corsairs' Logbook quickly.

Settling Patricians 940 Patricians might not seem too difficult, but we'll have to add new production chains for almost all Goods. We'll soon require 1190 Patricians, so let's make sure we can support that many. To reach 1190 Patricians, we'll need 48 Patrician houses. The Population page tells us we need 80 Citizenships (48 / 0.6), which requires exactly 100 houses (80 / 0.8). This means our Population pyramid will consist of 160 Peasants, 480 Citizens, and 1200 Patricians.

To satisfy our Populations, we'll need one additional Fisherman's hut, Weaver's hut, and Bakery, and two additional Cider farms. While we are at it, we can build 2 Breweries to fully satisfy our Population's Need for Drink. Finally, we can check Al Zahir's warehouse to see if he offers any Production Items for these Goods, which will allow our Manufactories to produce more Goods without increasing Maintenance costs. Once these have been set up, we can safely expand our Settlement to the required 100 Houses. Note that we might also need an additional Marketplace to satisfy the Need for Company for all our Inhabitants.

Paper production Stars 2[]

Objective: Construct the following Buildings: Paper mill • Indigo farm with at least 3 Indigo fields

The construction site for the Paper mill must be situated by a River.
The Island where your Nomad Settlement is located has suitable Fertility for growing Indigo.
Al Zahir hopes you can produce both items soon so that Ibn al Hakim can complete his work on the Corsairs' Logbook.

Paper is used to supply the Printing house, which also requires Indigo. Since Indigo only grows on southern Islands, it is a common practice to place the Paper mill on the same Island as the Indigo farm. This will allow us to produce and transport Books without needing to move Raw materials. In general, we want to avoid transporting Raw materials on our Trading routes as much as possible.

We'll also need to supply the Paper mill with Wood. A Paper mill works requires the supply of 2 Lumberjack's huts to reach 100% Productivity. We don't need much Paper though, so one Lumberjack's hut will be sufficient.

Finally, we need to build an Indigo farm. To unlock the Indigo farm, we need at least 2 additional Nomad houses and the Diplomatic rank "Guest of the Bedouins". Make sure to deliver all the Prestige Gifts to Al Zahir to reach the required rank. We'll deliver Wood 20t Wood, Tools 20t Tools, and at least Stone 12t Stone. This also includes enough Building materials for an additional Small noria, if needed.

With our Manufactories hard at work to produce the required Goods, we will soon be able to load them onto our Ship and deliver them to Ibn al Hakim. We will also receive a request from Brother Hilarius to deliver Books to him. The Printing house requires Glass for its construction, however. We will only receive the Auxiliary quests for producing Glass once we've reached Patricians 1190 Patricians, as part of the "Send them to the tower!" quest, so make sure to expand Guelphdon until this quest is received.

Reward: Honor 150 Honour

Preservation of knowledge Stars 2[]

Objective: Protect Ibn al Hakim from enemy attacks with at least 3 Warships.

Marie d'Artois's attacks are continuing and the rest of the huge Crusader army is starting to arrive!
Not even Ibn al Hakim's Academy of Wisdom is immune to attack.
You will have to intervene!

Marie will send three waves of Small warships to Ibn al Hakim's Harbour. We can set up a patrol for our 3 Warships, which means they will automatically engage enemy Ships within the range of their patrol. We'll also bring our Flagship for extra safety, along with the Ship Items purchased from Al Zahir. The game will notify you when the battle starts. The best strategy is to focus down one enemy Ship at a time.

The final Ship of each wave drops a Ship Item. Use these Items effectively to keep all your Ships alive. Don't worry if one of your Warships is destroyed though, as they won't be of too much importance anymore after this quest.

Note: When a Ship sinks, any Items it had in its Sockets will be lost. Unsocketed Items will be dropped as Flotsam, however. When you notice a Ship is about to sink, make sure to Unsocket all of its Items so they can be picked up by other Ships.

Reward: Scroll 3 1 Princely attention

Send them to the Tower! Stars 2[]

Objective: Build a Debtor's prison in Guelphdon.

To build a Debtor's prison, you must first produce Glass.
Brother Hilarius hopes that your measures will restore order and decency to Guelphdon.

Brother Hilarius offers the following Auxiliary quest to set up a Glass production chain on Guelphdon.

Glassworks Stars 2[]

Objective: Build the following Buildings to produce Glass: Forest glassworks • Glass smelter • Quartz quarry or Quartz Trading partner

Before you can build the Debtor's prison, you must ensure that Glass can be produced.
Build the necessary Manufactories.
You can either extract Quartz yourself, or purchase it from one of your neighbours.

Similar to the Printing house, all the Raw materials for the Glass smelter can be produced on southern Islands, despite being an Occidental building. We are running out of space in our Oriental Settlement, however, so we'll build half of a Glass production chain, since our Forest glassworks will only require half of the space that way.


Super compact Glass.

Cost: Gold coins 2700 • Wood 26 • Tools 15 • Stone 20
Maintenance: Maintenance cost 80
= Glass
Glass smelter
+ Potash
Forest glassworks @50%
+ Quartz
Quartz quarry @37.5%

The Production chain shows the required Building materials. We'll also bring some additional materials for the Trade buildings and the Printing house we'll build once we're producing Glass.

The Quartz quarry works similarly to the Stonemason's hut. Simply place it near a Quartz deposit and it will start producing Quartz. Our Oriental Settlement has two Quartz deposits, as can be seen in the extended Fertility bar. To unlock the Quartz quarry, we'll need to settle Nomads 440 Nomads (30 Nomad houses) and the Diplomatic rank of "The Sheik's Ally". The Diplomatic gift to reach this rank is received after completing "Preservation of Knowledge". If you haven't completed this quest yet, we can supply our production chain with Quartz purchased from Al Zahir or Ibn al Hakim for the time being.

Solace in dark times Stars 2[]

Objective: Provide Brother Hilarius the following in your Warehouse in Guelphdon: Books 10t Books

You should build a Printing house so that you can manufacture Books. These must be supplied with Paper and Indigo.
Remember to set up a Transport route if some of the required Goods are produced on other Islands.

With Glass production now available to us, we will soon be able to build a Printing house to produce Books. Books will satisfy an additional Need of the Patricians, increasing our Tax income and getting us one step closer to reaching the next Civilisation level. We can add Books and Glass to the Milk route we created earlier to start delivering them to our Inhabitants. Even with a single Printing house we're already slightly overproducing Books, so we'll reach the requested Books 10t of Books eventually, without needing to deny our Inhabitants access to them.

Reward: Honor 30 Honour

Our Trading route will also eventually deliver all the Glass we need to build a Debtor's prison. We would like to place the Debtor's prison near our Marketplace to reach as many Patrician houses as possible. The small plaza with the statue next to the Church would be an excellent location for it.

Reward: Honor 30 Honour

Guy Forcas's secret Stars 3[]

Objective: Take the following to Al Zahir's Warehouse: 1 Iron Strongbox • 1 Copper Key

Al Zahir is convinced that Marie will be convinced by the irrefutable proof contained within the Corsair Strongbox.
Follow Ibn al Hakim's directions to find the Items and put a stop to these immoral attacks.

The wreck in the desert Stars 2[]

Objective: Find the Shipwreck in the desert.

There are indications in the Corsair captain's Logbook that one of the Ships was washed up on an Island.
It might sound implausible, but it appears that you will need to search for the wreck on land...

Left-click the highlighted Shipwreck to progress the quest.

Buried in the sand Stars 2[]

Objective: Find and search all the crates of Cargo on the Island.

Sail your Ship along the Coast and look for the crates of Cargo.
Left-click on a crate to check its contents.
Ibn al Hakim suspects that the Sandstorm has spread the Ship's Cargo all over the Island...

Anno 1404-campaign chapter5 desert 03

Grab the crates.

Check each of the 5 Crates scattered across the Island. We're looking for the Copper key, but the Crates also contain other useful Items that we'll want to bring with us. Once you have all the Items, sail to Guelphdon and Transfer the Production speed Items to your Warehouse's Strong room. We'll have to upgrade our Warehouse to the next tier to unlock the third Item Socket, so let's do that now.

Reward: Honor 120 Honour

The wreck on the Pearl reef Stars 2[]

Objective: Find the Corsair wreck on the Pearl reef.

The captain of the Corsair ship reports in his Logbook that the second Ship accompanying him strayed dangerously close to a Reef in the storm.
Ibn al Hakim suspects that it was dashed to pieces and sunk there...

We're not the only ones trying to track down the Corsair Strongbox, it seems. Guy Forcas and the Crusader fleet have surrounded the shipwreck, making it impossible for us to investigate until they are dealt with. Still... a little peek can't hurt. Left-click the shipwreck to complete the quest.

Aid from the Orient Stars 2[]

Objective: Take the following to Al Zahir's Shipyard: War machines 10t War machines

Before you can manufacture War machines, your Town must grow until it has Noblemen living in it. Al Zahir's Oriental warships are our only hope of reaching the wreck on the Pearl reef, however.

At this point our Patricians are almost ready to advance to Noblemen. The only thing they're missing is Beer. The Monastery brewery requires Wheat and Herbs to produce Beer. Luckily, both of those Fertilities are available to us in Guelphdon, so we can immediately build a Beer Production chain. We'll need two Monastery breweries running at 100% productivity to fully satisfy our Inhabitants.

Anno 1404-campaign chapter5 beer production chains

Herbs and Wheat make delicious Beer!

Cost: Gold coins 1000 + Gold coins 550 • Wood 13 • Tools 8 • Stone 10
Maintenance: Maintenance cost 145
= Beer
Monastery brewery
+ Herbs
Monastery garden
+ Wheat
Crop farm

Once our Patricians have access to Beer, we'll obtain the necessary Ascension rights to reach the Noblemen tier. The Noblemen tier immediately grants us access to the War machines workshop.

Anno 1404-campaign chapter5 zahir war machines

The machines of war.

Cost: Gold coins 8900 + Gold coins 600 • Wood 57 • Tools 39 • Stone 20 • Glass 16
Maintenance: Maintenance cost 320
War machines
War machines
= War machines
2x War machines workshop
+ Wood
4x Lumberjack's hut
+ Ropes
3x Ropeyard
+ Hemp
3x Hemp plantation

The Production chain for producing War machines is as follows, though it's not necessary to create the full Production chain to complete the Chapter. With the three Production speed Items we retrieved during the "Buried in the sand" quest, we should have enough War machines to finish the quest in no time.

Note: Once your Settlement reaches the Noblemen tier, Brother Hilarius offers slightly different Goods. The most interesting of these is the option to buy Glass directly from the Mountain monastery. This is faster than producing your own, although we won't be needing a lot of Glass anymore from this point onward.

Battle at the Pearl reef Stars 3[]

Objective: Destroy Guy Forcas's Ships at the Pearl reef.
Anno 1404-campaign chapter5 reef search

Search the reef.

Guy Forcas has made it absolutely clear that he is claiming the Corsair wreck for his own. You will have to sink his Ships.
Lead your new Oriental Warships into battle alongside the rest of your fleet!

You can bait enemy ships away from their allies to pick them off one at a time. Try to sail heavily damaged Ships away from the battle before they get destroyed, and remember to unsocket Items on Ships that are at risk of going down. Good luck!

The Strongbox Stars[]

Objective: Search the flotsam on the Pearl reef for evidence against Guy Forcas.

Once Guy Forcas's Ships have been sunk, all kinds of flotsam drifts round the Reef. One of the crates could contain the Strongbox referred to in the Logbook.

Make sure to pick up all the Flotsam after the battle, as they will once again contain useful Ship items, as well as the Corsair Strongbox.

Reward: Honor 220 Honour

An impatient Al Zahir is waiting for you to give him the Strongbox and key.
The truth about Guy Forcas's immoral child trafficking will finally come to light...

Now that you have both the Iron Strongbox and Copper key, you can take them both to Al Zahir to complete the quest.

Reward: Honor 500 Honour • Corsair Treaty 1 Corsair Treaty

Missing! Stars 3[]

Objective: Use your Warships to ensure that all is well in Wadi al Mûd.

Following the attacks on his Date plantation, Al Zahir is worried because the deliveries from his Goat farms have now also failed to arrive.
Find out what is happening in Wadi al Mûd.

This quest starts as soon as you investigate the Corsair shipwreck on the Pearl reef, and involves protecting Al Zahir's Warehouse from two of Marie d'Artois's Small warships. The Small warships won't start their attack until you discover the Island, however, meaning there's no rush to complete this quest. You can use the three Small warships we built originally to complete this quest as soon as it arrives, or wait until you have access to the extended Oriental fleet.

To arms! Stars 3[]

Anno 1404-campaign chapter5 zahir blockade

Marie's two ships.

Objective: Attack Marie d'Artois's Ships before they destroy the Warehouse in Wadi al Mûd.

Marie's warships have already begun their assault on the Goatherd's Island! Force her to retreat by bringing down her Warships.

Evacuation of refugees Stars 2[]

Objective: Deliver the Goatherds to Al Zahir in Shapur el Sheik.

Since their Island has been devastated, the Goatherds need to be taken to Al Zahir.
Accept them onto your Ship and bring them to the Grand vizier's Harbour.

Reward: Honor 50 Honour

Indisputable evidence Stars 3[]

Sail to Gallowshill and deliver the following to Marie d'Artois: Corsair Treaty 1 Corsair Treaty

You and Al Zahir finally have the evidence of Guy Forcas's cruel schemes in your possession.
It is high time to take it to Marie d'Artois.
Will the General even receive you? And will it still be possible to stop the War?

Going into the lion's den might be a bad idea, but luckily our friend Brother Hilarius has a plan.

Under the White flag Stars[]

Anno 1404-campaign chapter5 hilarius white flag

Don't shoot!

Objective: Collect the following from Brother Hilarius: Flag white 1 White flag

The White flag enables you to approach enemies without being attacked.
As soon as you have it on board your Ship, you should left-click on the Flag to socket it.
Click again to activate it and to enable its protective properties.
The Flag was made for you by Brother Hilarius himself, although his inadequate sewing skills have left his fingers resembling a pincushion...

We'll let our Flagship have the honour of delivering the evidence. Select the Mountain monastery to accept the White flag and transfer it to your Flagship in Guelphdon's Harbour. Then sail it towards Marie's Harbour to deliver the evidence. Make sure to activate the Item before getting too close to Forcas's Ships!

Anno 1404-campaign chapter5 marie corsair treaty delivery

Proof of devilish deeds.

Once Marie sees the evidence, she finally comes to her senses and renounces the Crusade and gives you complete control of her fleet. Guy Forcas will pursue and destroy many of your new Ships, but that is unavoidable at this stage. Make sure your Oriental warships are in position to punish the Ships Guy Forcas sends to pursue Marie by placing them near your Harbour. Once Guy Forcas stops giving chase, regroup at your main island.

Reward: Honor 500 Honour

The end of the Crusade Stars 3[]

Objective: Destroy all of Guy Forcas's Warships.

The iniquitous Crusade against the Orient has taken an unexpected turn.
Guy Forcas has been exposed and is to be brought to account for his deeds.
Forearm yourself for the savage battle against the Cardinal's henchman...

WarningSign Distress call to the Sultan Stars 2[]

Anno 1404-campaign chapter5 zahir sultan quest

Help us, Sultan!

Objective: Escort Al Zahir's Courier ship safely out of the region from his Harbour.

You can automatically escort Al Zahir's Ship using the Escort command from the Ship menu.
Activate the relevant button and then right-click on the Courier ship to select it.
It is time the Sultan learnt about the impending disaster!

Al Zahir took his sweet time thinking about it, but just as we're about to deliver the final blow to Guy Forcas and his cursed Crusade, the Grand vizier decides that we should maybe ask the Sultan for help. Select Al Zahir's Warehouse in Shapur el Sheik to begin the quest. Once you sail a Warship near his Courier ship, he will ask you to begin the Escort. Bring at least 2 Oriental warships or 4 Small warships.

Note: This escort mission is unique in how the Courier ship behaves around enemies. It will not continue sailing until all enemy ships have been destroyed.

Reward: Honor 50 Honour

More War machines Stars[]

Anno 1404-campaign chapter5 zahir more war machines

War machines for warships.

Objective: Deliver the following to Al Zahir's Shipyard to obtain Oriental Warships in return: War machines 4t War machines

Al Zahir offers to build additional Oriental warships for the upcoming battle. This quest can be repeated up to 5 times, so we'll want to bring a total of War machines 20 tons of War machines to reach our maximum fleet capacity.

Anno 1404-campaign chapter5 big battle

A big battle!

Once our fleet is at its maximum potential, it is time to destroy Guy Forcas once and for all. The best strategy is to start on one side of the Island and make your way towards the other side. Try to stay out of range of the Towers as much as possible, and destroy the ones that extend out into the Harbour. Destroying the final Ship immediately ends the Chapter, so make sure to have completed all other quests before doing so.

Ending in-game cutscene[]

An embittered Guy Forcas finally has to admit defeat and vows that Kardinal Lucius will take revenge on you. The seriously wounded Marie d'Artois fears the confrontation with Kardinal Lucius and suggests retreating to her Island nearby, where her Fortress is located. When Kardinal Lucius arrives with the rearguard to find nothing but the remains of his Crusader fleet, he vows to pursue you relentlessly and destroy you.

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