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Arrow "Show that you are worthy of your Fiefdom and support Lord Richard Northburgh during construction of his Cathedral."

A Declaration of Faith is the first Chapter of the Campaign. It introduces us to Lord Richard Northburgh and lays out some important parts of the plot. This Chapter teaches the player the most basic mechanics of building, selecting different menus, and providing for the Needs of Inhabitants.

Anno 1404-campaign difficulty chapter1


"Everything is so much clearer and obvious in hindsight. An illusion, as God moves in mysterious ways. Who would have thought that of all people, the one person who in Anno Domini 1404 took possession of their Fiefdom, situated in a minor Province of the Empire, would soon be mentioned in the same breath as the greatest heroes of our times."

Lord Richard Northburgh greets you with a very worried look and reports that the Emperor has been struck down with a mysterious illness. He wants to build a huge Cathedral to entreat God for the Emperor's recovery, and needs your help to do so. Despite all his worries, Lord Richard Northburgh wants to help you and will give you some good advice while you are expanding your own Settlement. To start with, he suggests that you provide supplies for your Population.

The Emperor's Seal bearer Stars[]

Objective: Go aboard Lord Northburgh's Flagship.

Left-click to select Lord Northburgh's Flagship off the Coast at Falconstone in order to approach him.
He wants to administer your oath of loyalty for the Lands granted you, after which he will provide you some good advice.

Profession of Faith Trophy[]

Victory condition: Build a Chapel with at least 8 Peasant houses in its Influence area.

To build the Chapel, 90 Peasants must live in your Settlement. A Road must also connect the Chapel to the Peasant houses.
Demonstrate to the Emperor and the Church that you are up to your new duties!

Important: Constructing the Chapel immediately ends the Chapter, so make sure to delay this until all side quests have been completed.

The heart of the Settlement Stars[]

Objective: Survey the Marketplace in Falconstone.

Left-click to select your Marketplace to obtain information about your Population.
The Marketplace is one your most important Public buildings, as it satisfies the People's Need for Company. Houses can only be built in the radius of a Marketplace and require a Road connection to it.

Safe as Houses Stars[]

Objective: Build 3 Peasant houses near your Marketplace.

When you build the Peasant houses you should also provide a Road connection to the Marketplace.
Falconstone still has a ways to grow before you can build a Chapel.

Among Crates and Shelves Stars[]

Objective: Inspect your Warehouse on the Coast of Falconstone.

Left-click the Warehouse on the Coast to obtain information on your Stock levels.
The Influence areas of Warehouses and later on Market buildings provide room for the construction of Production buildings.
Just have a look around!

The essential Building material Stars[]

Objective: Build 2 Lumberjack's huts.

Securing a supply of Wood is a crucial factor when expanding your Settlement. Don't forget to build a Road connection between the Lumberjack's huts and your Warehouse so that the Goods can be picked up by the Market carts. Only then will it be available for you and your Population.
Lord Northburgh secretly hopes that you will let him have the surplus Material to build the Imperial cathedral...

Lumberjacks need Trees within their Influence area to function. Make sure to build the Lumberjack's huts in an open area with fertile land so they can operate at maximum productivity. When playing with Easy start conditions, feel free to place and demolish your Lumberjack's huts in different locations to get a feel for how much space they need. Remember that a Road connection removes part of the accessible area, so you will still lose some productivity after connecting your hut to your Trade buildings.

War on hunger Stars[]

Objective: Build a Fisherman's hut on the Coast.

Fisherman's huts can only be built on Beaches. You must also build a Road connection to the Warehouse so that Market carts can pick the Goods up.
Even a small Settlement wants to have an adequate supply of Fish. This is the only way to satisfy the People in your Settlement.

To prepare for an upcoming quest, it is advised to build a second Fisherman's hut to increase Fish production on your Island.

Helper in times of need[]

Objective: Acquire Tools 3 tons of Tools at Lord Northburgh's Small ship for Gold coins 150 Gold coins.

Left-click to select Lord Northburgh's Small trading ship to buy Tools from him.
His Ship is anchored off the Coast of your Island.

This is an optional quest that triggers when our supply Tools runs low, since we have no way to acquire more Tools without a Ship. Once we do acquire a Ship, this quest will be replaced by "Help among friends" quest. Note that both of these quests are optional and do not add to the Mission score total.

Help among friends[]

Objective: Procure Tools at Cathedral city's Warehouse.

Sail your Ship to Cathedral city's Harbour and left-click to select Lord Northburgh's Warehouse.
You can now left-click on the Tools to open the Transfer menu and carry out your Transaction.
Left-click to confirm the Transaction.

Wood for the Imperial cathedral Stars[]

Objective: Prepare Wood 10t Wood for Lord Northburgh in your Warehouse.

Lord Northburgh's Ship is anchored in your Harbour awaiting your delivery.
Lord Northburgh is worried that the Imperial cathedral will not be completed in time, and the Emperor's condition has deteriorated.
Help him by delivering your Goods.

Reward: Gold coins 1000 Gold coins

A floating gift Stars[]

Objective: Inspect your new Ship, which is anchored outside your Warehouse.

Left-click to select your Ships to inspect them.
Ships are the most important means of Transport for Goods and Units.
You can now finally explore the Island world on your own. You should soon introduce yourself to the Crew!

With Sextant and Spy-glass I Stars[]

Objective: Move your Ship to the Goods crate in front of your Island and take it on board.

Left-click to select your Ship and then right-click on the Flotsam crate. Your Ship will automatically sail there and take the Crate on board.
Lord Northburgh is quite upset that his welcome present for you has fallen overboard...

It can be helpful to create a hotkey for selecting the Ship. With the Ship selected hold Ctrl and press 1 to make Ctrl-1 a shortcut for your new Ship (Venice only).
You can also use the default keyboard shortcut (Tab) for toggling through Ships.

With Sextant and Spy-glass II Stars[]

Objective: Sail your Ship back to your Warehouse and unload the recovered Tools.

Left-click to select your Ship and right-click on your Warehouse again to issue an Order to move.
To unload the Tools, simply use Drag & Drop to place them in your Warehouse. You can also left-click to unload Goods.
The Tools from Lord Northburgh will certainly be as good as new once they dry out.

Fish on the table Stars[]

Objective: Deliver Fish 10t Fish to Lord Northburgh's Island in the South Stone quarry.

The numerous workers on Lord Northburgh's Cathedral construction site are short of Food. Help him out with a little Fish for his Stonemasons in Stone quarry.

This is the first of many quests that has auxiliary (sub-)quests. These auxiliary quests help the player complete the main quest by breaking it down into smaller steps.
Auxiliary quests do count towards the completion percentage, so make sure to complete them before finishing the chapter.

Check the Storage Stars[]

Objective: Select your Warehouse to view your Goods storage.

Left-click to open the Goods overview in the Warehouse.
It may take a while until you have enough Fish in your Warehouse to satisfy Lord Northburgh's request.

But not for us, since we built a second Fisherman's hut earlier.

To work! Stars[]

Objective: Click to load the Fish onto your Ship from the Warehouse.

Select your Warehouse and left-click to load the Fish onto your Ship.
You can also use the Transfer button to open the Load menu.
Lord Northburgh's hungry Stonemasons are desperately awaiting their delivery.

Note: Use the Quantity button in the Load menu to set the number of tons to be transferred with each mouse-click. (The default amount is 10 tons, which is perfect for this quest).

With the auxiliary quests completed, we can now finish the main quest.

Set sail for Stone quarry, either by moving the camera to the Island, or by right-clicking the destination on the mini-map.

A worthy outcome Stars[]

Objective: Deliver Columns 1 Cargo of Capital stones to Lord Northburgh's Warehouse in Cathedral city.

The Capital stones have already been loaded aboard your Ship.
Fortified by your delivery of Fish, Lord Northburgh's Stonemasons were particularly ambitious and have created this ornate Masonry.

We should also pick up the Flotsam we passed on our way to Stone quarry to complete the next quest.

Reward: Gold coins 2500 Gold coins · Tools 3t Tools

The missing Cargo Stars 2[]

Objective: Salvage all 3 Goods crates from the small Reef and take them to Lord Northburgh's Harbour master's office in Cathedral city.
Anno 1404-campaign chapter1 three crates to pick up

Right-click to load the Flotsam crates onto your Ship and then sail to Lord Northburgh in Cathedral city. They are certain to be waiting for the missing Goods at the Cathedral construction site.

Note: The locations of the Flotsam are marked on the map with a red circle every time you hover over the Quest in the News system. The same is true for the drop-off location in Cathedral city. This will be useful for many quests throughout the Campaign, so keep this in mind.

Reward: Gold coins 1000 Gold coins · Tools 2t Tools

More Peasant houses Stars[]

Objective: Build 6 more Peasant houses.

Once again, don't forget the Road connection to the Marketplace while building the Peasant houses.
That way you will soon have enough helping hands to build the Chapel.

Averting danger Stars 2[]

Objective: Map the two Reefs in the South of the region for Lord Northburgh.

When drawing up Marine charts, your Ship must anchor near the Reef until the Charts are finished.
Then take them to Cathedral city.
Lord Northburgh hopes that his Captains will be able to navigate these treacherous Reefs safely with your help.

Remember that hovering over the quest in the News system marks the Reefs we need to map. First, let's deliver the Tools to our main Island. After unloading the Tools to our Warehouse in Falconstone, our ship will be able to sail much quicker to its destinations. Simply move your ship to the nearest Reef and it will automatically start mapping the area. When the game notifies you that the map is completed, move to the next Reef and repeat the process. Remember that a Ship destination can be set by right-clicking on a location on the map in the bottom-left corner, and speed up the game (bound to + by default).

The final reef has 4 pieces of Flotsam next to it, each containing Wood 2t Wood. You can gather these if you're short on Wood on your main Island. Just keep in mind that these will slow down your Ship as you sail back to Lord Northburgh's Warehouse. While we wait for our ship to arrive, we can complete a Hidden quest for Lord Northburgh. Simply click on the Construction site of the Cathedral to start the quest.

Reward: Gold coins 2500 Gold coins · Tools 3t Tools

WarningSign Where is the Master builder? Stars 3[]

Objective: Find the drunken Master builder near the Cathedral construction site.
Anno 1404-campaign chapter1 starting missing master builder

Click on the the Construction site to start a Hidden quest.

Left-click to select the Master builder when you have found him. Lord Northburgh is desperately searching for him, as he is the only person who has an overview of the entire Construction site...

Pause the guide here if you want to look for the drunkard yourself first, but if you get tired of searching...

The Master builder can be found fast asleep just across the street from the Cathedral next to the Gold statue, indicated by a zZZ marker.

Reward: Gold coins 1500 Gold coins

Finishing the Chapter[]

Campaign screenshots Page 08 Image 0001

Area of influence.

Once the maps have been brought to Cathedral city, you can safely build your Chapel in your Settlement. The Influence area of the Chapel shows the range of the Chapel's influence, and Houses that have access to the Chapel will be highlighted in green. Note that you need at least 8 Peasant houses in the Chapel's Influence area to complete the quest.

Ending in-game cutscene[]

An exuberant Lord Richard Northburgh tells you that, thanks to your help, the first phase of the Construction work on the Imperial cathedral has been completed. He suddenly notices a Small fleet approaching. Guy Forcas appears and by order of The Church of Cardinal Lucius, Forcas announces a Crusade against the Orient and asks all those present for their unconditional support.

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